Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Night Sprint Report

Perhaps it was the new blog or perhaps it was spring in the air, whatever, there was definitely a buzz that led to a raised tempo commute tonight. Ryan got it going with a pretty tidy little effort past the bay. When it got to the business end Al was quick to lay down the law past the golf course and up the hill. After consecutive losses to Bob last week I was pretty keen to make this one count - I had begun fearing that I had lost the mojo. Fortunately it was back and with a stella lead out from Al I was able to sneak across the line in front of Bob tonight. (Where is the line by the way, we've gotta slow down a bit before that roundabout.)

Anyway, not sure if we are tallying points on this thing but tonights results;
  1. Luke
  2. Bob
  3. Alastair

1 comment:

Robert Southerton said...

New record highest heart rate on the hill before the sprint (187). That was punishing, nearly didn't make it to the line.

Can we please start the efforts a little later, thanks.