Thursday, September 18, 2008

AL's Homebush report

After inspecting my open pros last night i found a small dent in the front rim and a big dent in the rear. 
might be 2 new rims on the cards as the aluminium looks strained. 

So was forced to take the dale down today. Arrived 5 mins late for the kick-off this morning so waited to join first group for the 2nd lap. They finally came through and i jumped on the rear of a slightly smaller than usual bunch. (i think a few people got stung on tuesday). Richie was once again in there and delighted in making me work to get around him on edwin flack. matt anderson was also back sporting a short haircut. Some big damage was done once again as i held the speed high over the top and thru the sweeping left hand corner. Looked back and there was already a gap so just kept going to keep the pressure on. Half a lap later and richie bridged and told me it was too early to attack. the bunch got back on at the sprint and this time richie wound it up thru the recovery zone. john allowed the gap to open so i jumped over to richie and immediately another breakaway formed: myself, richie and the older dude with the dirty tri-color top. richie and i did all the work and opened the gap out to a couple hundred metres. on the fifth lap richie applied a little too much pressure for my liking at the start of edwin (hr 184) and i had to ease up to recover. he got a 50m gap on me before my hr came down to 175 and i could wind it back up to hold him at 50m. and that's how it ended today. 

did that hurt? after tuesday's effort and dawnie yesterday the train is looking quite appealing this evening. 

either that or i'm going to set my hr zone limiter to 120! 

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