Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Snapped: Tuesday commute report

Ordinarily a commute hardly needs a report but by my calculations I got home about 10minutes earlier than usual yesterday. The pace was on early and Ryan was finding some new little spots on the route to stretch the legs and test those around him. Beware the stretch up to the pub at Five Dock if Ryan is on the front.

It was the usual Buchanan tornado round Canada bay. Mick and Harry were stretched but we regathered at the lights. Round the golf course I buried myself. Ryan was on the tail, Mick and Harry were not too keen to contest.

Ryan came round up the hill and I knew I was in trouble. He was sitting but I knew the attack was coming. He slowed, the standard bounce tactic. Then he went, big ring, still in the saddle. The gap opened instantly. I had nothing. I think the psychological damage of getting gapped by a seated attack did me. I watched Ryan fly down the hill and up to the line unchallenged.

Oh well. This was then followed by another tidy bit of tempo+ work up Chatam rd. Ryan was obviously feeling pretty good.

My only hope is that all choose to faithfully observe cycledan tonight!

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