Friday, March 27, 2009

Again....(I should of caught the train)

I didn't take long. It happened again.


Line Up - Luke, Ryan, Alastair and Me

I'll some up the commute with how I felt.
Anzak Bridge ---> Nice and easy, felt great.
Lillyfield Rd ---> Drove the field a little. (Big mistake, encorage Schmycledan)
Rowers Club ---> Oh no, something's going on
Five Dock Pub ---> Almost blew a headgasket from over reving.
Canada Bay ---> Get spat out the back doing 53 klm/h. Resting HR at lights 165BPM
Golf Course ---> Explosion, It's all over, nothing left.
Concord RSL ---> I could see the boy's 200m in front of me. Legs felt like lead. Taxi
The Sprint ---> No idea, still trying to get my breath back.
The end ---> Felt like spewing. Haven't hurt that much in a long time.

With Easter approaching, Bob's come back and Homebush on hold,

Schmycledan is back, bigger and better than before.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Schmycledan is Back

The turn out was good. Luke, Ryan, Alastair, Bob, Mike (on his Pigeon) and Me. The roll over the Anzac was tame. Lucky, I needed a good warm up for what was ahead.
Alastair led the way on Lillyfield Rd. The pace just kept climbing, so was my heart rate. I saw 180BPM. at the lights. Little did I know I was to see that number another 3 times.
We regrouped at the lights. Bob and Mike rejoined. Not much was said at the lights. More time was spent licking our wounds. We all knew that was just the begining. Schmycledan was on.
Through the rowers we took it easy. At the crossing there was a small hold up. Bob saw a window of opportunity to escape. No-one followed, there was a gap, we all crossed, whilst Bob tried the alternate route. Luke saw another opportunity for schmycledan. In his drops, he drove the group to the pub, and drove my heart rate to 180. A few minutes latter Bob arrived. We still had Cannada Bay ahead of us. Ryans turn. He lead the charge. He waited for everyone to regroup, crusing around 25klm/h. Ryan must of been running his thighs at over 150psi. Once he let those babies rip, 50klm/h was on the clock, and rising. I was holding third wheel, doing atleast 53klm/h @ 180bpm, when I was startled by a gush of wind. It was Alastair on the Eddy overtaking me. That was the time I exploded. Coasted to the lights and tried to get my breath back. We still had concord to deal with.
Bob half heartedly created a little gap. It was going nowhere. A couple of peadal strokes, he was caught. The pace around the golf course was a little above average. Nothing over the top, around 45klm/h. There was Ryan and luke side by side then Al and myself. Bob and Mike where not too far behind. Half way up the climb Luke jumps. Ryan follows. Al chases and try to hold. I had nothing and saw 180 again. Ryan and Luke take the right hander before the sprint, as they come out of the corner Al takes them on the outside and heads for the line. He got it. Victory was his.
Schmycledan is back.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Haza's SOP Report

Haza's "C" Grade race,

We had a good turn out as well. Around 15 riders.
The pace was slow, the 17:50 commute Av. speed is higher.

There where a few lame attempts by others at breaking away
that only lasted around half a lap.
C grade casually went around until the whistle lap. Some 18 year old decided to
lift his heart rate for the first time in the race and tried to get away. Little did he know I ride
in the 1750, his attempt was nothing compared to trying hold Ryan's wheel around
Canada Bay.
The Bell lap came, I was still out the front. Come the last corner I was swamped by
the peleton. Out of the corner I was at the back of the pack. I got up, put my
head down and gave it all. I was able to real them in, and got 3rd. on the line.

Al's Beaui Report

hard work.

went with kor because i heard race entry was free.
got there and found out it was free for norths riders only. >:(

just under 20 riders in A grade.
some good riders in attendance including cameron peterson & phil chapman.
pace was hard from the start.

the course is a 1.6km circuit with a cone turn-around at each end and only a
mild undulation. when the smack was down we were going up the rise at 45+.
the surface is smooth-as-you-like hotmix.
3 sprint preems were on offer.

did my usual mistake of starting the race at the rear of the bunch. bad idea as you spend
most of your time recovering after bridging gaps after the cones. another mistake i was
making was entering the corners on too high a gear. pushing against a big gear out of
the corners was not doing me any favours.

moved onto the front after the 3rd lap and hotted the pace up a little.
got into a break with another guy but got chased down in 1 lap.
stayed on the front and tried again after the first preem.
got chased down again. i was marked. they didn't mind if i was out on my
own but as soon as someone tried to get over to me, everyone chased.

after the 2nd preem another breakaway formed but was kept in check.
they were caught before the 3rd preem. after the 3rd preem phil chapman
finally showed his cards and launched out of the pack with kor in tow.
they got 20m on the bunch and then cammo jumped accross so hard that
no-one could hold his wheel. i was already in the box and paying for my
earlier efforts.

they worked well together and built up a steady lead. the chase was constantly
being scuppered by scott cronly-dillon and his pointless attacks each lap. they
were never going to get caught and stayed away comfortably to the end.

cammo 1st, kor 2nd, phil 3rd.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ok-ish bike handling skills

Yes, but can she track stand as good as Ryan at the lights?