Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Schmycledan is Back

The turn out was good. Luke, Ryan, Alastair, Bob, Mike (on his Pigeon) and Me. The roll over the Anzac was tame. Lucky, I needed a good warm up for what was ahead.
Alastair led the way on Lillyfield Rd. The pace just kept climbing, so was my heart rate. I saw 180BPM. at the lights. Little did I know I was to see that number another 3 times.
We regrouped at the lights. Bob and Mike rejoined. Not much was said at the lights. More time was spent licking our wounds. We all knew that was just the begining. Schmycledan was on.
Through the rowers we took it easy. At the crossing there was a small hold up. Bob saw a window of opportunity to escape. No-one followed, there was a gap, we all crossed, whilst Bob tried the alternate route. Luke saw another opportunity for schmycledan. In his drops, he drove the group to the pub, and drove my heart rate to 180. A few minutes latter Bob arrived. We still had Cannada Bay ahead of us. Ryans turn. He lead the charge. He waited for everyone to regroup, crusing around 25klm/h. Ryan must of been running his thighs at over 150psi. Once he let those babies rip, 50klm/h was on the clock, and rising. I was holding third wheel, doing atleast 53klm/h @ 180bpm, when I was startled by a gush of wind. It was Alastair on the Eddy overtaking me. That was the time I exploded. Coasted to the lights and tried to get my breath back. We still had concord to deal with.
Bob half heartedly created a little gap. It was going nowhere. A couple of peadal strokes, he was caught. The pace around the golf course was a little above average. Nothing over the top, around 45klm/h. There was Ryan and luke side by side then Al and myself. Bob and Mike where not too far behind. Half way up the climb Luke jumps. Ryan follows. Al chases and try to hold. I had nothing and saw 180 again. Ryan and Luke take the right hander before the sprint, as they come out of the corner Al takes them on the outside and heads for the line. He got it. Victory was his.
Schmycledan is back.


Luko said...

Props to Al for a the surprise attack - but I do need to claim credit for getting it up tio 55kph on Canada bay before Ryan took over t drive it home

BOB said...

I would like to claim some credit for annoying Al, who then went nuts on Lillyfield rd.

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

I have to second Luke's comments.
He certainly got it to pace. I merely held it there for longer as Luke began to tire. ;)

I thought I was feeling really good leading up to the ride but I quicky found out that I would be on the red zone minimisation routine. The mornings effort left calories all over Edwin Flack and me with tired legs.

WRT the sprint. Lukes effort on the hill went for longer than I thought it would and I was then content to roll to the line and cover any more antics from Luke.

If I knew Al was coming I may not have been able to help myself. Was a great move. :)

Luko said...

I should have kept pushing it. As soon as I saw Ryan withing striking distance of my wheel I fegured my dash was done, but I could have made hime hurt a bit more by the sounds as I still had a bit left when I backed off.

Guess it is all about the commitment to the end