Tuesday, September 30, 2008


According to what they have done, so will he repay wrath to his enemies and retribution to his foes; he will repay the islands their due. Isaiah 59:18
We all knew it was coming and Alastair was not shy in dishing out the punishment for this morning's sins. I suffered, Ryan perhaps not so much. I should have listened to the Mrs who had warned me this morning, "you shouldn't mess with the South Africans".

Armstrong's Down Under hopes not over

Lance Armstrong's return to the professional peloton in Australia's Tour Down Under has come under question due to an International Cycling Union (UCI) anti-doping rule. Reports that his enrolment in the required out-of-competition testing pool fell just shy of meeting the UCI's rules to compete in the January event were confirmed by Armstrong in a telephone call with several journalists, including Cyclingnews' Laura Weislo, on Monday.

Speaking from the small town of Marfa, Texas, Armstrong confirmed that his official enrolment in the system came August 1, 2008, but that he held a conversation with UCI president Pat McQuaid declaring his intentions "sometime in July". The UCI's anti-doping rules state that any rider coming out of retirement may not resume international competition unless he 'notifies the UCI six months in advance... and is available for unannounced out-of-competition testing at any time during the period before actual return to competition'.

Armstrong's August 1 enrolment would fall two weeks short of six months prior to the January 18 start of the Tour Down Under, preventing him from competing if the UCI were to take a strict interpretation of the rules. Armstrong said he is confused about the UCI's inconsistent application of this rule. "When it comes to sport, you always have rules, and we're not asking for any exceptions. But they don't always apply this rule. We all remember Mario Cipollini coming back at the Tour of California this year. This rule did not apply to him."

He also said he received conflicting information from McQuaid, who informed him the rule would only apply for world championships and Olympic Games.

Armstrong said that he has made himself available to the United States Anti-doping Agency (USADA), and has already been visited by the anti-doping testers sometime at the end of August. He's optimistic that he may still actually be able to race at the Tour Down Under, but admitted he hadn't had time to talk to McQuaid or UCI anti-doping chief Anne Gripper about the situation.

"I'm very excited to come [to Australia] - more importantly than with regards to the comeback and racing, we have a lot of stuff we can do in Australia; with the people, the government and the youth, when it comes to cancer awareness and prevention." Click here to read the full feature

HB Report

T’was a good sized A group this morning so I decided to get things off to a good start by attaching from the first corner. Not too hard but it was fun making Mark work for longer than he preferred to get the second pace line back up the front so he could roll off. There was some good pace making for the most of it though on lap three as I rested a little for the last two laps (planning my strike) I noticed the pace lifting off again so some more light digs were issued.


Roll on lap four and up Edwin Flack as I rolled out my plan, I noticed that instead of putting a long hard effort in to hurt people, I have Luke there ready to take another turn. So I did the best for him and rolled off so as not to deprive him of the lactic goodness that could be found on the front of the group.


At the end of lap four I had an offer I couldn’t refuse. Luke was willing to perform the lead out duties on the final lap. So we organised a little. My original plan had him attacking at the bottom of Edwin Flack so as to break the group up but the red light put paid to that. So it was the more routine lead out for the coffee creds I was after.


Just after the top of Edwin Flack I saw Alistair going by at light speed and a with quick response from Scotty there was a real requirement for an earlier than intended call up for Luke. Luke slaved like a dog to get on terms with Scotty. Al meanwhile had opened up about a 20m advantage over Scotty so it was time for the “Warp Speed” from Luke. With all the work trying to bring back Scotty, Luke was spent so I decided the attack was on.


A big effort saw the gap to Alastair disappear like a block of chocolate in fat mans hands. I timed the catch to perfection right at the mid part of the corner. Unfortunately at the speed I was going there was significant front wheel chatter and instability which was cause for concern and the chain dropped to the small ring. The sprint up the hill was done spinning like crazy. Luckily Al was pretty wrecked after his huge effort.


Coffee creds to Ryan.


Bring on tonight. For those of you who are concerned. All blame should be directed to the Bob Southerton complaints line. This is due to a communication failure from Bob and the subsequent pavlova demolition which requires working off.

Operators are standing by.


That is all.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bob “Sprint King” HB Report

Returning to Homebush, I was surprised to see none of the usual lurkers in the group. Ryan was missing, along with Darren, Anthony, Robbie and Silvio instead replaced by all new faces. Anderson was there though. What a difference 2 weeks makes.

First lap was a fairly civil pace. Enough to have a chat to Anderson. Pace picked up through to lap 4 and we soon lost a few of the pretenders.

Final lap, I skipped over into the fast lane under the rail bridge, content to work my way forward and do my own lead out for the sprint. Hit the front just as we approached the corner before the aquatic centre and launched the attack. Down in the dropps and winding it up in the 53/11 I gathered pace until the halfway mark and could sense the guys behind waiting to dash around me as I sat down, having reached max sprinting speed. Kept in on the red line all the way to the pave across the road at the top of the hill, relieved to see that the effort had paid off, sprint in the bag! What a return.

As it turns out it was just in my head, the next rider in Group 5 was about 250 meters behind when I looked back. Anderson = Ben Anderson (Matt’s dad)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Armstrong to race in Tour Down Under


Snapped: Tuesday commute report

Ordinarily a commute hardly needs a report but by my calculations I got home about 10minutes earlier than usual yesterday. The pace was on early and Ryan was finding some new little spots on the route to stretch the legs and test those around him. Beware the stretch up to the pub at Five Dock if Ryan is on the front.

It was the usual Buchanan tornado round Canada bay. Mick and Harry were stretched but we regathered at the lights. Round the golf course I buried myself. Ryan was on the tail, Mick and Harry were not too keen to contest.

Ryan came round up the hill and I knew I was in trouble. He was sitting but I knew the attack was coming. He slowed, the standard bounce tactic. Then he went, big ring, still in the saddle. The gap opened instantly. I had nothing. I think the psychological damage of getting gapped by a seated attack did me. I watched Ryan fly down the hill and up to the line unchallenged.

Oh well. This was then followed by another tidy bit of tempo+ work up Chatam rd. Ryan was obviously feeling pretty good.

My only hope is that all choose to faithfully observe cycledan tonight!


Anyone know anything about these?


I've heard good stories based on 2 internet forum posts...

Al down

Al has ridden his bike into some poor unsuspecting car which turned in-front of him. Apparently he's ok but The Eddie isn't.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cyclingnews online production editor required - Australia


Work on the world's leading cycling web site

Cyclingnews, the world's leading cycling web site, is expanding and is looking for a full time online production editor based in Sydney, Australia.

The position requires applicants to have a keen interest and thorough knowledge of competitive cycling, as well as editorial or writing experience with excellent English skills. The position will involve producing reports, results, photos and features from the world of cycling, so fluency in a second language is also an advantage, as is a familiarity with online production techniques, experience in journalism and attention to detail.

The applicants will need to be self-starters as the position involves regular liaison with production editors in all Cyclingnews offices. As Cyclingnews is a 24/7 daily news operation, the position will require regular weekend work. The weekend duties are handled on a rotating shift basis with other production editors, so the applicant must be flexible in their work schedule. However, the majority of work will be done during normal business hours on week-days.

The online editors will be required to have familiarity with online production applications (a good working knowledge of HTML and Photoshop are important skills) and could also be required to attend major cycling events in each region. However, the primary responsibility is the production of content for publication on the web site. Training in online production techniques can be provided to the right applicant, ability to handle the technical processes involved and an ability to communicate are required.

Please send your CV with a covering letter via e-mail to recruit@futurenet.com with "Cyclingnews online editing position - " in the subject line. Deadline for applications is October 2, 2008.

Alistair Pricing Schedule

Alistair has released his 08/09 summer prices, check it out.
  • anzac mountain leutenant $5 
  • lilyfield shelter $5 
  • canada bay gap reducer $5 
  • concord lead-out man $10 
Free delivery with all orders over $5

Today's HB report. 23 Sep 2008


That is all.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Important community announcement

According to Bob, Wiggle now have free shipping on Australian orders over $230.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

It was a tired affair

Well after Tuesday’s effort and not enough sleep last night (got home from work at 9). I was more content to have some fun, so for me it was group 2. I tried to gee Scott up for a lead out from me on lap 5 and send him up the road but he said he was too tired. So we got going at a very sedentary pace. The pace was not tough so I used it as a spin training session with an average cadence of about 105.

On lap 4 I checked with Scotty, again and he said that he was still feeling pretty tired so I started looking for volunteers. Mel was the taker (you would have loved it luke). So With some brief instruction on how best to operate the 'Ryan lead out train' Mel settled in behind. Going up Edwin Flack some chick, I have no idea who it is, chopped in on Mel so when she swung over I pulled another quick turn to get in front of Mel. Under the bridge we again sorted ourselves out and Mel called for a long lead from there, 3/4 power, just enough to get off the front. After cresting the small rise from that Bridge corner Mel called for the full gas. It went on as ordered and stayed on. Mel was having trouble and as we rounded the last corner I swung off in a suffering mess. Where was Mel? Popped! He had nothing left and Albert got the sprint for the coffee’s. Scott hung on behind Mel but also had nothing left to give on rolled over the line. I was after that.......................... tired. That is all.

AL's Homebush report

After inspecting my open pros last night i found a small dent in the front rim and a big dent in the rear. 
might be 2 new rims on the cards as the aluminium looks strained. 

So was forced to take the dale down today. Arrived 5 mins late for the kick-off this morning so waited to join first group for the 2nd lap. They finally came through and i jumped on the rear of a slightly smaller than usual bunch. (i think a few people got stung on tuesday). Richie was once again in there and delighted in making me work to get around him on edwin flack. matt anderson was also back sporting a short haircut. Some big damage was done once again as i held the speed high over the top and thru the sweeping left hand corner. Looked back and there was already a gap so just kept going to keep the pressure on. Half a lap later and richie bridged and told me it was too early to attack. the bunch got back on at the sprint and this time richie wound it up thru the recovery zone. john allowed the gap to open so i jumped over to richie and immediately another breakaway formed: myself, richie and the older dude with the dirty tri-color top. richie and i did all the work and opened the gap out to a couple hundred metres. on the fifth lap richie applied a little too much pressure for my liking at the start of edwin (hr 184) and i had to ease up to recover. he got a 50m gap on me before my hr came down to 175 and i could wind it back up to hold him at 50m. and that's how it ended today. 

did that hurt? after tuesday's effort and dawnie yesterday the train is looking quite appealing this evening. 

either that or i'm going to set my hr zone limiter to 120! 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Alastair's Goulburn Report

woke up at 0600 at the alpine lodge in Goulburn to a clear and surprisingly warm morning. got up and got busy with the pre-race preparations such as shovelling down the weetbix, putting my kit on, taking my kit off, going to the loo, putting the kit on again, putting air in the tyres and finally meeting the rest of team hubbard (richard makin [peloton], kor sietsma [kom], gijs vonk [marconi], roland irwin [driver]) down by the car. after getting the car packed and the spare wheels and feedbags sorted out it was off to the startline. thankfully the weather was very warm allowing us for the first time this spring to dispense with any extra layers or arm/leg warmers. what a pleasure! it took a long time for the race to start with a lot of speeches and lectures from the organisers and police.

we finally started to roll out of town and even though a neutral zone extended to the highway there was an awful lot of jostling for position in the bunch. once the bunch hit the highway it was 'warp factor 2 mr sulu!' The pace went up very rapidly and stayed there for quite some time. i was near the back of the bunch and here you needed to have your wits about you. going over the top of undulations i could see small groups desperately trying to get away before being nailed back by the heaving mass. over the top of the hills and the momentum of the bunch had me in the 53*11 and still looking for more gears. this was fast! i saw a hand go up in the bunch and was disappointed to see that kor had punctured. at the speed the peloton was moving it was definitely game over if you needed to stop. we had a left-right cross-wind on the highway which varied in strength between sections and there was one point where the bunch was in single file on the white line in the middle of the road. patrolmen on motorbikes made sure that no-one sought shelter on the other side of the line!

eventually a group escaped off the front and the peloton eased up by about 5km/h. pretty soon the ride became a lot more sociable with people chatting and riders drifting backwards on the hard shoulder while watering the verge. once we hit the turn-off to berrima there was a little more activity in the bunch with people jostling for position before the climb on the other side of town. the pace up the climb was solid and i was mid-bunch when we arrived at the feedzone. i had finished the last of my two bottles about 5km before and had used two gels - a little thirsty in the unexpected heat but feeling okay. the feedzone was the expected chaos and i had to slow right down and look for roland somewhere on the left hand side of the road. i eventually spotted him right at the end of the zone but dropped a lot of time whilst looking for him. i grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder and replaced the bottles as quickly as i could. i looked up and suddenly realised that the head of the bunch was a long way up the road and riders were strung out in single file down the middle of the road. oh sh*t! i didn't even have time to pull the food out of my bag before starting a desperate effort to get back on to the rear of the line which was now about 50m ahead of me. there was a strong cross wind from the left of the road and up the road i could now see two very long echelons. the bunch had split and the teams on the front were pouring out the pain. the gap was growing and i was feeling as bad as i have felt on a bike for a long time. i was flat out trying to bring it back but it was too late. i was very close to climbing off the bike and laughing off any notion of going to grafton. i was very dejected, in the hurt-box-from-hell and thinking about spending some time away from the bike.

i looked back and saw several riders behind who were also caught out in the feed zone. i eased up a little and waited for another group to form which eventually contained about 10 riders. richard makin [peloton] was there as well at jarrett wood [two wheel industries], scott [mace], a praties rider amongst others. some of the guys in the small bunch were still hopefull of bringing it back and were a little too energetic in their turns while trying to force the pace. i was still trying to get out of the red so managed my efforts and forced the fluids in. about 10km later and we could no longer see the convoy. the organisation in the group improved, the riders all matched each others pace and we got a nice rhythm going. my mood started to improved as my heart rate came down and the fluids were being absorbed. the temperature on the road was rising pretty rapidly and it was about now that i realised that i had forgotten to apply sunscreen. it was baking but at least we were making steady progress to the finish. passing through the small towns on the way to Camden we were having to negotiate the traffic chaos that the main bunch had left behind. red lights and irate drivers were negotiated and we arrived at razorback creek minus a few riders who had dropped off on the previous hills. up over the razorback for the first time and down to start of the old-razorback road. i had just finished the last of my liquids and my mouth was like feeling like and Arab's sandal. the remnants of our the small group were stretched out on the last climb and the heat was only just bearable. we all came together on the final descent into Camden and there was about 6 of us left but what had really surprised me was that we had not picked up more riders who had fallen off the peloton. my final time on crossing the line in Camden was 4h25m, 20m behind the winners.

although i am disappointed with the outcome, the race was a fantastic experience and i got some quality riding in the legs in preparation for grafton. bring it on!

mental notes for the next g2c race:
(i) hydrate fully before the start (or pay later)
(ii) carry all your food - one banana, one bar and 4-6 gels are sufficient for this race
(iii) get to the front through the feed zone
(iii) know exactly where your feed man is!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What's better than training?

Training against the doctors orders!

Friday, September 12, 2008

2009 Cannondale

The Cannondale '09 range is available on their site. Couldn't find it through the front door but Google got me there easy enough. I have to say the SuperSix looks sweet but everything is looking a bit pov as you go down the range. Sloping headtubes, more carbon - I think Cannondale might be giving up on ther traditional appeal and going more mass market. Shame - though all but Alastair probably couldn't care less.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Are you Drinking Enough

Click on the fluid loss calcuator.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Infringement Notification

Luko was awarded his second yellow card in a week for "inappropiate light etiquette" last night. Attacking through a green set of lights is normally cool, very cool if you time it right, but with the lactic acid a madatory companion for everyone last night we didn't all make it through and Luko earnt "The Card".

Good job Luko.   ;)

Anyway onto Cycledan. Who will break the rules tonight???

The Southerton Memorial Smash

With Bob going into hospital and absent from the 1750 for a week or two, it was broadcast loud and clear that Tuesday night would be a bit of a send off.

It started early with the efforts coming thick and fast. Bob was gutsy, and showed great composure, clearly subscribing to the notion that the best defense is good offense. Ryan wound it up round Canada bay and the elastic snapped but we quickly regrouped through the lights. The trip through Concord was ridden with anxious anticipation. Like the first two laps of a track sprint, everyone waiting for the moves. Ryan launched up the hill and the usual sprint to the hospital ensued. Bob had hung on.

We all thought that was to be it. But in a surprise show of commitment and a willingness to suffer, Bob and Harry continued the procession up Chatam rd and through to Epping. Whether this was a calculated risk I am not sure or perhaps Bob had had prior words with Al. Heading up the hill obviously left Bob very open to further attacks. Fortunately the lactic had been high and we all rode tempo to Epping.

It was a nice ride all said and done. All the best for the op Bob. And stay tuned for the welcome back!


confirmed Armstrong back!


not even on cycling news yet

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

HB Report: was it fast or have I lost form?

With the return of Benny Isaksen, there was none of the usual pfaffing. A sizeable Group #1 rolled out without hesitation. And it was a big group, the first lap I think I was only required to pull one turn up Edwin Flack. The tempo rose pretty steadily with all and sundry hanging on.

Quickly the workers reduced. Alastair in his best whisper announced "after the sprint, Lap 3, the move's on" I think his whisper was heard by more than a few, and come the third lap when Alastair fired up people seemed to know this was not just a sprint and that the Pain Train had left the station. I got stuck in no mans land, half mental, half physical - fortunately I was aided by the youthful legs of Alex Wong who buried himself to bring it back together. That was a relief. Then it was just a matter of settling down and waiting for the inevitable Lap 5 sprint.

I was feeling alright. Was watching wheels up Edwin Flack for the last time. When we rolled round onto the 2nd last straight, I managed to grab the wheel of Ben. I was thinking this could only be a good thing. Just as that thought crossed my mind Scotty jumped fairly convincingly. I resisted the urge to follow his wheel thinking that Ben and Ryan were yet to fire up the afterburners. That proved a good bet, rounding the final bend, Benny had a clear run to the line and I had his wheel. Again I was thinking this could only be a good thing. Then he sprinted. I had a quick realisation that my legs don't turn that fast. Oh well I thought, second to Isaksen is respectable. Just as that thought was forming I noticed a blue tyre ot of the corner of my. Oh Crap - Ryan, I tried to hang on, but when he hit top gear, that was it. So thrid it was.

But man it was good to be back after a fairly long absence. I jumped in the car still suffering what can only be described as lactic toxic shock. Home for breakfast with the wife and kid. On the bike and back to work. Everybody's happy.

What was it like for you?

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Sunday, September 7, 2008


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Friday, September 5, 2008

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2

Call me boring, but if it aint broke, don't fix it.
Read More »

The Rules - at least as I see them

  1. Moustache bars will be tolerated but not encouraged
  2. Bright green Cannondales will be tolerated but not encouraged
  3. Steel is real
  4. There is only two acceptable responses to the arvo email - In or Out - maybe is unacceptable
  5. Hairy legs will be tolerated but not encouraged
  6. Friday will be a slow ride - no exceptions
  7. Being overtaken by hybrid riders will not be tolerated - even on Friday
  8. Efforts are cool but go easy round the Rowing Club
Props to Harry for this. May be Luko can add a more permanent fixture for this.


Weekend ride

Due to popular demand, Luko and I, we are attempting to get together a gorges ride on the weekend.

Tempo easy.

Anyone else interested?

WRT weather I keen no matter what. Yes that includes hail.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Well due to threats of Luko artistic license we really need to file a HB report for today.

There was not much to say. A group was small and there were no '1750 representatives.
B group was represented by Harry and myself. The usual B Group antics ensued. Harry opted for a rearward attack towards C group. I did enough to enjoy myself. ;)

Not much to report. There may be more from tonight.

That is all.

No Racing on Saturday

Ryan was the first to mention it but the rumour is confirmed by the LACC website. The crit on Saturday has been cancelled. So that leaves me looking for options. Is anyone going to race? Apparently there is racing at Oakville and Lansdowne but then again perhaps some gentle kms on Saturday morning is the best solution. Anyone keen for a roll? I would need to be back by 10am.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Concord Smash

Well its like they say Winners are Sinners.

And boy were Luke and I sinning.

The Holy Day of Cycledan was well and truly ignored tonight as the attack's started on Lillyfield road.
Some nice tempo work by Luke signaled the intentions for the night. With Bob, Harry and Mick already losing contact it was going to be one for Luke and I to battle out.

Harry was none too impressed with such blasphemy and issued the first of what is to be many many yellow cards for inappropriate attacking.

Not to be outdone I added my own pain in what is becoming a standard operating procedure for me, The long slow wind up along Canada Bay, Lactic acid flowing, heart rate starting to hit the ceiling and basically pain for most involved. I think Luke is really the only one not hurting enough along there. For the record I coped a yellow too, and I think I have to abide by some kind of fatwa or Bob's friend Jihad will come a whip my butt. All very confusing.

To add some spice to the night, and get some legs back I decided to complete the full compliment of primes. Some mid level hitting finished with a very well disguised attack by Luke, going down on the drops, selecting another gear, looking around to see where everyone was and then proceeding to stomp on the pedals with the head bobbing action of Robbie McEwen. It was all just too obvious to be a real attack.................. or could it?

My grinning at Luke's joke turned into chasing as I realised that this was no fake attack. Done by the old "attacking with the I'm pretending to attck but not , attack'. Ah that old chestbut. The pace was on and the gap was not closing very quickly. Luke eased off into a roundabout, and, as we came out went on the attack again only to learn that the finish line was before the roundabout. Guess I'll be wiser nex time. :P

Well there is always tomorrow..........


God is wroth with thee. What happened to the most holy of days? 

I've got acid, and I don't know what to do with it.

The Holy Day of Cycledan

I didn't mean to but apparently I committed (read:- commuted) a cardinal sin this morning.

I didn't fast on the holy day of Cycledan.

What is Cycledan: Cycledan is the holy day of the week, Wednesday, on which all cyclists, unless doing Dawn Patrol, fast from all lactic acid build up. It has been implemented so that we can feast on lactic acid with glee on a Thursday morning.

In my defense, and to win back the spurned hearts of the riders finding the tempo too high, I was merely trying to maintain the reputation of the '1750.
The ride from the coffee stop had indeed been in keeping with the Cycledan ethos. However that had lead to a particularly dangerous situation where non `1750 riders had the chance to out 'commuter race' our brave little '1750 peloton over the Col de ANZAC. So with a little effort and a little lactic acid we tempo'd over the Col and descended the spiral. This is where I learnt of my sins, and happily that there were no more commuter limpets left.

Hmmm What will we do tonight........

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Night Sprint Report

Perhaps it was the new blog or perhaps it was spring in the air, whatever, there was definitely a buzz that led to a raised tempo commute tonight. Ryan got it going with a pretty tidy little effort past the bay. When it got to the business end Al was quick to lay down the law past the golf course and up the hill. After consecutive losses to Bob last week I was pretty keen to make this one count - I had begun fearing that I had lost the mojo. Fortunately it was back and with a stella lead out from Al I was able to sneak across the line in front of Bob tonight. (Where is the line by the way, we've gotta slow down a bit before that roundabout.)

Anyway, not sure if we are tallying points on this thing but tonights results;
  1. Luke
  2. Bob
  3. Alastair
Thanks Bob now I feel slow................
and fat................

The 1750 riders (artists impression)

My new ride - it's in the post

Bob's Homebush Report

Painful, but good. 4th lap up the hill, I knew it was my last turn….. then the long line formed, couldn’t hold the wheel in-front. I’ve really gotta work on my “longer than a 10second sprint” efforts. I’ve got nothing.

Ryan's Homebush Report

HB was good. Hurting was the key word. A largish group rolled out for the “NOT A” group this morning. Punctuated by a steady first few laps and someone pretending to ride a horse for first few laps which may have been funny however the legs didn’t appreciate it. For me I just tried to ride steady efforts whilst keeping the pace high. Scott put in the usual last ditch effort and I did the usual take his wheel for the lead out of the sprint. Mel was a little toey this morning and hoped on my wheel for the final sprint but he did quite have enough to come around. Bob worked well in A group untl the toll of his efforts p[ut paid to anymore showings at the front. As per usual Al did the required for the first few laps then did a lot of work in the last two, trying to split the field apart. He almost had it split. I bet he was wishing for another pair of strong legs with him. Of course I would have but there is no requirement for me to get dropped due to too much work. I found myself mid peloton when it got strung out and there was no motivation to solo to the front then start putting in big turns.

Alastair's Homebush Report

shall i?

1st group and 2nd combined again. first 3 laps were far too soft. partly because the group was too big and some people were slacking on edwin flack. speed was occasionally down to 35km/h. very frustrating! put the hammer down towards the end of the 4th lap. that's about when we lost bob. tried twice to split the bunch - once up the sprint and then up the short rise to start edwin flack. got gaps both times and took a few riders with but the group managed somehow to claw their way back. pulvirenti got into a spot of bother on the last grind up edwin flack. welcome to the big boys anthony! i'm sure he was working harder than any of his c grade wins. ryan and mel duked it out on the sprint. my legs were toast! i was on the white eddy today and it certainly gives me a good workout. don't know what it is but it feels like i'm pushing a 55 tooth on that bike!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Rider Profile: Luke

CLAIM TO FAME: Did once beat Al in a real race
RIDES: A very black Cannondale (System Six) and a black Giant (TCR C1)
LIKES: Knowing people are suffering more than me
DISLIKES: Realising they aren't

Rider Profile: Bob

CLAIM TO FAME: Beat Luke in a sprint on Tuesday August the 26th 2008 at 6:23pm
RIDES: A blue Trek and a red Trek and a white thing
LIKES: Prize money
DISLIKES: Working hard for it
DOB: 80s (read GenY……read annoying)

Rider Profile: Harry

NAME: Harry
DOB: 20-05-70
LOCATION: Melrose Park
RIDES: 1750 Team Bike, Olmo Dynamic
INTERESTS: Cycling, Windsurfing, Family

Rider Profile: Ryan

NAME: Ryan
CLAIM TO FAME: I’ve won more than one important race
RIDES: Trek 1500
LIKES: Putting others in the box.
DISLIKES: Knowing that I’m wasted talent
DOB: 10.06.76

Rider Profile: Alastair

1972: Born
1979: First ride
1983: First bmx - loved it!
1987: First roadie - hated it!
1998: First mountain bike
2000: European tour 5000km
2002: France tour 5000km
2003: Second roadie - loved it!
2005: Etape
2006: Marmotte, Dragon ride
2007: LACC, 1750...