Tuesday, September 9, 2008

HB Report: was it fast or have I lost form?

With the return of Benny Isaksen, there was none of the usual pfaffing. A sizeable Group #1 rolled out without hesitation. And it was a big group, the first lap I think I was only required to pull one turn up Edwin Flack. The tempo rose pretty steadily with all and sundry hanging on.

Quickly the workers reduced. Alastair in his best whisper announced "after the sprint, Lap 3, the move's on" I think his whisper was heard by more than a few, and come the third lap when Alastair fired up people seemed to know this was not just a sprint and that the Pain Train had left the station. I got stuck in no mans land, half mental, half physical - fortunately I was aided by the youthful legs of Alex Wong who buried himself to bring it back together. That was a relief. Then it was just a matter of settling down and waiting for the inevitable Lap 5 sprint.

I was feeling alright. Was watching wheels up Edwin Flack for the last time. When we rolled round onto the 2nd last straight, I managed to grab the wheel of Ben. I was thinking this could only be a good thing. Just as that thought crossed my mind Scotty jumped fairly convincingly. I resisted the urge to follow his wheel thinking that Ben and Ryan were yet to fire up the afterburners. That proved a good bet, rounding the final bend, Benny had a clear run to the line and I had his wheel. Again I was thinking this could only be a good thing. Then he sprinted. I had a quick realisation that my legs don't turn that fast. Oh well I thought, second to Isaksen is respectable. Just as that thought was forming I noticed a blue tyre ot of the corner of my. Oh Crap - Ryan, I tried to hang on, but when he hit top gear, that was it. So thrid it was.

But man it was good to be back after a fairly long absence. I jumped in the car still suffering what can only be described as lactic toxic shock. Home for breakfast with the wife and kid. On the bike and back to work. Everybody's happy.

What was it like for you?

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Anthony said...

so this is where it all happens!!!