Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bob “Sprint King” HB Report

Returning to Homebush, I was surprised to see none of the usual lurkers in the group. Ryan was missing, along with Darren, Anthony, Robbie and Silvio instead replaced by all new faces. Anderson was there though. What a difference 2 weeks makes.

First lap was a fairly civil pace. Enough to have a chat to Anderson. Pace picked up through to lap 4 and we soon lost a few of the pretenders.

Final lap, I skipped over into the fast lane under the rail bridge, content to work my way forward and do my own lead out for the sprint. Hit the front just as we approached the corner before the aquatic centre and launched the attack. Down in the dropps and winding it up in the 53/11 I gathered pace until the halfway mark and could sense the guys behind waiting to dash around me as I sat down, having reached max sprinting speed. Kept in on the red line all the way to the pave across the road at the top of the hill, relieved to see that the effort had paid off, sprint in the bag! What a return.

As it turns out it was just in my head, the next rider in Group 5 was about 250 meters behind when I looked back. Anderson = Ben Anderson (Matt’s dad)

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Luko said...

Smash 'em Bob, all the way back to their walking frames
(not that I can talk. I was in bed)