Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Concord Smash

Well its like they say Winners are Sinners.

And boy were Luke and I sinning.

The Holy Day of Cycledan was well and truly ignored tonight as the attack's started on Lillyfield road.
Some nice tempo work by Luke signaled the intentions for the night. With Bob, Harry and Mick already losing contact it was going to be one for Luke and I to battle out.

Harry was none too impressed with such blasphemy and issued the first of what is to be many many yellow cards for inappropriate attacking.

Not to be outdone I added my own pain in what is becoming a standard operating procedure for me, The long slow wind up along Canada Bay, Lactic acid flowing, heart rate starting to hit the ceiling and basically pain for most involved. I think Luke is really the only one not hurting enough along there. For the record I coped a yellow too, and I think I have to abide by some kind of fatwa or Bob's friend Jihad will come a whip my butt. All very confusing.

To add some spice to the night, and get some legs back I decided to complete the full compliment of primes. Some mid level hitting finished with a very well disguised attack by Luke, going down on the drops, selecting another gear, looking around to see where everyone was and then proceeding to stomp on the pedals with the head bobbing action of Robbie McEwen. It was all just too obvious to be a real attack.................. or could it?

My grinning at Luke's joke turned into chasing as I realised that this was no fake attack. Done by the old "attacking with the I'm pretending to attck but not , attack'. Ah that old chestbut. The pace was on and the gap was not closing very quickly. Luke eased off into a roundabout, and, as we came out went on the attack again only to learn that the finish line was before the roundabout. Guess I'll be wiser nex time. :P

Well there is always tomorrow..........

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glorya said...

well said Ryan - come on, Cycledan, seriously. Rest is for the weak (or the offseason)