Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ryan's Homebush Report

HB was good. Hurting was the key word. A largish group rolled out for the “NOT A” group this morning. Punctuated by a steady first few laps and someone pretending to ride a horse for first few laps which may have been funny however the legs didn’t appreciate it. For me I just tried to ride steady efforts whilst keeping the pace high. Scott put in the usual last ditch effort and I did the usual take his wheel for the lead out of the sprint. Mel was a little toey this morning and hoped on my wheel for the final sprint but he did quite have enough to come around. Bob worked well in A group untl the toll of his efforts p[ut paid to anymore showings at the front. As per usual Al did the required for the first few laps then did a lot of work in the last two, trying to split the field apart. He almost had it split. I bet he was wishing for another pair of strong legs with him. Of course I would have but there is no requirement for me to get dropped due to too much work. I found myself mid peloton when it got strung out and there was no motivation to solo to the front then start putting in big turns.

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