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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Luke's Farewell

pre-ride planning email:
We need to make him suffer. Lets see if we can make his teeth bleed.

At key points, we need to have him back in the line. person in-front of Luke drops off as the hammer goes down. Make him to lots of bridging. remember, if you've got luke behind you, do no work. even if you're first or second wheel.

Luke behind = stop working.

Key points:
1. Lilly field. make sure he isn't up the front as the road gets steeper.
2. approach to 5 dock shops.
3. Majors Bay. hammer time from the footpath. he corners like a girl so he'll be working hard to get back on.
4. approach to concord shops.
5. usual sprint line. Al, stay out of the action (see 7).
6. surprise hammer up the hill past the station at rhodes.
7. Al's turn. He'll have given it his all in the sprint. make him pay. dearly

any other thoughts?

The Ride
Riders were queuing up to deliver a warm heartfelt goodbye to our man Luke. Scotty made an appearance, along with Thomas at vic road.

Out of Pyrmont and the pace was easy, everyone too busy giving out the hugs goodbye to Luke. As we hit the col Al attacked. Properly. Luke showed no intention of saving himself from embarrassment, so it was up to Scotty to make sure that Luke made it home. Was this going to be a fizzer? was Luke going to let everything go all night? Surely not. maybe the right person just needs to attack. Getting smashed by Al is such a regular thing that I don't think anyone is really embarrassed anymore. mmmm who could cause the ultimate embarrassment. Bob.

It was up to me to deliver something, make him work. I picked my moment, the nice downhill at the start of lillyfield. Out the saddle and quickly up to 58kph. Quick glance back to see that he'd taken both the bait and the bit between the teeth. This could be on. Luke punched hard and was quickly in contact, driving it before Scotty came around and hammered it up the hill to the lights with the rest of the 1750 in tow. mmmm Luke was having an easy time on the Scotty bus. A quick word to Scotty and an explanation of tonight's rules ensured that Scotty wouldn't be dragging Luke anywhere.

Down the hill to the rowers was nice and slow, which gave me an opportunity to explain to Luke what would happen in the sprint tonight. He would be staring at my arse. Oh how wrong this prediction turned out to be. We formed a line behind Luke along the bike path, me in second wheel calling "slowing, slowing" in frustration at the lack of pace. Luke was having none of it. It was time to attack some more.

I picked my moment and darted around Luke at the lights and back onto the road, out the saddle and quickly driving it. Would Luke take the bait? Had I mentioned the sprint too early? I certainly wouldn't want him saving himself. Don’t want to look back tho, so I’ll just hammer it. Glance back as we take the sweeping left hander. And he’s gone for it. Luke, well off the front bridging the gap. I quickly ease up but make the appearance of hammering it as Luke comes shooting past.

No one is really working with Luke out front and we come together on the approach to the roundabout. Harry’s turn to attack. He’s off quickly on the approach to the five dock shops and Luke is showing no interest until Al also goes after Harry. bang. Luke’s in full flight, chasing down the escapees, spilling precious fuel all over the road.

Regrouping at the 5 dock lights and Luke is already showing small signes of the efforts. Nice. But there is some nervousness as we’re all aware of what’s install around the bay. We all make it through a nice clear gap in the cars at the roundabout and it is ON. Scotty, under the instructions of: “If Luke is behind you, don’t work, unless you are going out with a bang.”, was going out with a bang. He was out of the saddle on the limit the whole way. Al is in pursuit but well away from the action with Luke also needing to stand-up to maintain contact with a foaming-out-the-mouth Scotty.

Again, the lights force a regroup. Luke is looking like there is little left in the tank. Could this be the moment? Should I break away for the sprint now and go the whole 1.5k solo? Hell yes. Hammer time up the hill to Concord shops puts a nice gap on the group. We all get through the traffic pretty cleanly and there is a tidy little bit of distance as I head up the hill. Travis and Mike are up the front as I get unlucky at the roundabout, hard on the brakes as a car makes a right hander. Bummer. In the wrong gear and swamped by the group as Al picks his moment. He is away. Luke is not keen and we roll gently around the golf course. Luke knows it’s his last chance and puts his cards on the table. He goes all out on the hospital hill opening up a very tidy gap on the group. Oh no. could this be it? Is Luke really going to pants the lot of us on his final ride?!?!? Will our final memories of Luke be his arse riding off into the sunset? Not if I can help it. Out the saddle and shooting past the group on the hill I see Luke approaching the pinch.


His legs explode. Bits of them come raining down as I go past, followed shortly by the entire 1750. He is toast, badly burnt toast, badly burnt toast in dead last. Unable to even see my (large) arse in the distance. Over the sprint line and still last.

Farewell Luke! Don’t forget to take the long way home via Pyrmont every now and then.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Haza Wins B Grade

It had been a long time since my last race. Hitting the deck late in July haddn't helped. Saturday came, and I was ready for another attempt at B grade.
This was to be my second B grade race, I was nervous. We all rolled to the start line. A grade took off, then it was B grades turn. Mike and I where at the front. First lap, Second Lap, Thrid Lap, Mike and I still out the front. The laps started ticking over. There where a few attacks, nothing to worry about though.
We got the call, "Three laps to go". I knew, now is the time to start sucking wheels. The whistle then blew. Two laps to go. I still remained on third wheel. Some guy tried to take off, I jumped on his wheel and just stayed there. I knew I couldn't let the pelton swamp me. As he blew up Mike came around. Now it was the Bell lap. I knew I had to leave Mike out there. Just before the last corner, "click", up one gear. Take the corner, in the drops, Full gas. I gave it all, the line was getting closer, I was getting faster. I couldn't hear anyone around. I still had something in the tank and just kept going through the gears. Crossed the line alone. Victory was mine.

Five Dock to the City

1750 in the Wet

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Rules suck, and should never be written down.

Having said that. Here they are:

Rules – Equipment


  • Minimum spoke count: 28
  • Maximum spoke count: 32
  • 700c
  • Any form of racing wheel is prohibited eg, ZIPPS
  • Must be clincher
  • Must be aluminium
  • Must not have large or cool looking decals


  • Coloured tyres are prohibited
  • Minimum width 23
  • Maximum width 23
  • Preferred types – Conti Ultra Sport, Conti Gator Skin, Conti GP4000
  • Acceptable types – whatever is on special
  • Needless to say fat or knobbly tyres are prohibited
  • Label must always align with valve


  • Must not be a European brand (old school steel frames are excepted from this rule, but they must have been re-sprayed recently)
  • Must not be made of titanium or other wanky material
  • Must not be made of carbon


  • Must be made of carbon


  • Regular road drop bars only (but never use the drops, except to signal Schmycledan)
  • No wing type aero bars
  • No TT extensions
  • No moustache bars
  • Bar tape must never be loose, falling off or dirty
  • No electrical tape near the bar plugs
  • Electrical tape must match the colour of the bar tape with the exception of a black/white combination


  • Minimum number of rings 2
  • Maximum number of rings 2
  • Acceptable big ring tooth range 53 – 53
  • Acceptable small ring tooth range 39 – 39
  • Minimum arm length 172.5
  • Maximum arm length 172.5


  • Small cog should be an 11. Never use the 11. (those riders with 11 tooth cogs with have them inspected regularly for signs of use)
  • Maximum should be 23
  • Fixed or single speeds are expressly FORBIDDEN


  • Keo
  • Clip in only
  • Must have sufficient scuff marks from contact with the road

Prohibited Accessories

  • Flashing front lights
  • Weird looking home made front lights (It’s 2009 people, Ayups, Newts or USBs please)
  • Reflectors
  • Bells or horns
  • Mirrors
  • Fenders
  • Panniers
  • Large saddle bags (should only be able to fit half an inner tube)
  • Bottles over 400ml capacity.
  • HR monitors
  • Reflectors in the wheels
  • Valve lid caps
  • Cadence sensors
  • Power meters

Rules – Clothing


  • Short sleeve
  • No team jerseys, unless you are currently on the payroll of that team and it’s a contractual requirement, this will be checked
  • Must not be overly worn out, unless it is an old LACC team kit and it has been damaged by racing accidents. Bonus points if your only recollection of the accident is 3rd hand information.
  • Must not have holes that were not caused by a racing accident
  • Must not contain anything relating to a cyclo sportif event (eg, Sydney to gong, spring cycle, around the bay etc)
  • Must not contain anything relating to the following groups:

1. Hunters Hill group

2. Hunters Hill related groups

3. Hunters Hill splinter groups

4. Hunters Hill related splinter related splinter groups with secret handshakes


  • Bib nicks only
  • The nicks with the extra ventilation above the arse crack (also known as the bean sprout patch) are expressly FORBIDDEN
  • Must not have holes that were not caused by a racing accident
  • Must not have holes near the arse crack, even if they were caused by a racing accident


  • Must not have the Australian approved sticker on the inside
  • Must not be scratched in anyway
  • Should be very clean, with the exception of the below point
  • Should have salt lines caked on the straps


  • Sidi


  • Shall not have any chain/chainring markings
  • Shall not have hair growth exceeding 4mm
  • Triathlon numbering is strictly FORBIDDEN
  • Shall be covered by knee warmers in temperatures below 16c
  • Shall be covered by leg warmers in temperatures below 14c


  • Shall be covered by arm warmers in temperatures below 15c

Prohibited Clothing

  • Zip ties on helmets
  • Bandanas
  • Sweat bands
  • Reflective items
  • Hi-viz items
  • Large backpacks (Any back pack shall not exceed any of these dimensions H:300mm, L:200mm, D:100mm)
  • Camelbacks

Prohibited Activities

  • Talking to the hubbards at the lights (or even acknowledging them)
  • Discussions about getting a 1750 team kit
  • Acknowledging the existence of any patron of the pub standing on the footpath at Concord
  • Using the drops at speeds below 45kmph
  • Replying “Maybe” to the in-or-out afternoon email
  • Asking about someone’s current hart rate
  • Complaining about the speed
  • Commenting one anyone else’s appearance, except to call them fat
  • Unclipping on tight ramp corners – learn how to ride before attempting the 1750
  • Being overtaken by any bike with the following items:

§ Flat bars

§ Suspension

§ Knobbly tyres

§ Fixed gears

§ Triple chain rings

§ Panniers

§ Mirrors

§ Flat Pedals

§ Or any bike considered “ugly” in general

§ Anyone riding a European brand bike especially a Pinarello

§ Actually, unless it is Team Saxo Bank out training and being motor paced, you shouldn’t be overtaken by anyone

If you are overtaken, re-overtaking just looks desperate, never do this. Find an alternate route. OR suck their wheel all the way to where ever they are going, with a large overlap and with excessive, loud freewheeling.

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Monday, August 31, 2009


They come in pairs

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday Report

With some riders lining up at the start, moaning and groaning:

  • Alastair at the end of a 300km 3 day bender
  • BoB at the end of a week that started off with a race and his hardest ever Homebush sessions
  • Luke with half the office stationary supplies (including a desktop computer) in his backpack

There were always going to be attacks on the cards. Since the first flu of the winter 09 any sign of weekness has now become the sign for an attack. It was just a matter of when.

Waiting for Luke to arrive a Pinarello pulled up and went through the lights ahead of us. Luckily, Luke was still not there and Pinarello was allowed to ride off at the next green. It would have been unimaginable carnage had he been in the group through Pyrmont. This was enough to send everyone’s frontal race lobes into serious overdrive. Then Luke showed up with what can only be described has his new home office setup (including fax machine) in a backpack. It was ON.

Pyrmont and the Col were spent closely watching each other as we prepared for the inevitable fireworks display on Lillyfield Rd. However, Lillyfield started rather cruzy as we were all too busy watching each other to mount a serious attack of our own. And then Haza went for it. Let the show begin. I don’t know what it did to the others but something about the sight of a supposedly “recovering” Harry riding off the front of the group made one of my race lobes explode. I had to show him he was still recovering and I put in a seated attack up the hill at 50kph, being very careful to keep my upper body absolutely still so there was nothing to show just how far I was beyond the red line.

Some bad timing with the lights meant that the group had to take the long (calmer) way around to Fivedock. Or did it….. when we looked over to cross the road there was Haza, putting in another sneaky attack. It was short but it was enough to ensure that this would be the last we’d see of Alastair and Luke until re-grouping at Fivedock. They were off, like socks from the morning Group 1 at 4pm in a crowded office.

Around the bay and it was a short acceleration from myself and a half hearted attempt to drive it before Al took the bit between the teeth and set off with Luke, Travis and Mark in tow. I was cooked, but comfortable because I couldn’t even see hazza when I turned back.

Out of Concord shops and I stepped up the pace as we came down the hill. Accelerating into the golf course corner at 50kph knowing that it would hurt Luke in second wheel, whose cornering balls are yet to drop, I held the speed until he caught up and then let it fall to 45. My chances of a win were nonexistent so I drove it again up to 50 through the next roundabout. There was the woosh as everyone came past and I could smell burning as we came to the foot of the hospital hill. I was toast. But I did have just enough to re-take that pesky recovering hazza before the official sprint line.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rob's first A grade - REPORT

Good racing?!!? I was bleeding out of my eyeballs. It was on from the gun, attack, attack, attack (even i had a go at it) until a 5 man break went clear at about 30min into it. Scotty didn't make the break and drove very hard to get back on, main field was reduced to about 8. Anthony was there, he's getting stronger and sporting a nice pair of deep dish carbon wheels. He did quite a few turns and I did a few myself. Nearly made the mistake of going too hard and not leaving enough to jump back in the train.

The break shelled 2 of them near the end, I managed to get 5th place with second in the bunch sprint. I thought I had it with a pathetic, but all that i could manage, 53kmph sprint. Albert flew past me at about 65kph with 10m to go.

What did i learn. Even in A grade some people can't corner properly. Maintain a good position so you don't have to brake in the corners and waste energy getting up to speed. I am cornering rather well with this new (to me) pushing the front wheel out by keeping your inside arm extended.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

One of many

The misses will want vacum, mop and leaf blower attachments as well.

...coming soon

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SOP Training

Roads open on the Thursday 30th of April.

I'll be in Group 5

Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome back Al of old

Some have commented but I think it has been clear to all that we are experiencing some what of a renaissance of classic Davis. To summarise, this includes efforts at every opportunity and some pretty competitive moves coming through the crucial sections of the ride home.

I have to put it down to the current lack of Homebush sessions and Al's absence from the Wednesday dawnie.

Thursday was hotly contested, Al was driving the pace through Concord and round the golf course. I decided I couldn't just leave it to the sprint and attacked up the hill which gave the me the chance to get away and cross the line in front despite nearling going over a bonnet (not really that bad).

Al continued the pace with a solid ride up Chatam. I saw 31, 32 flick up on my computer so we were moving. Matt popped near the top, Al kept driving.

It's certainly making the commute more interesting not to have everyone trying to save their legs.

I am looking forward to the return of Ryan. With a promotion at work he may have to cut back on the training which will mean that the 1750 will be even more hotly contested.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do we really need skewers?

This morning..............No.

I got a flat tyre this morning on my way into work. Put a new tube in, pumped up the tyre. All was good. As I was tightening the skewer, it breaks. I thought that was it.
Luckily for me, Al was on his way in and saw me on the side of the road. He saw everything unfold in front of him. He advised to jump back on and take it easy. So I did.
I rode approx. 10 klm's, from five dock to the city without a rear skewer.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Again....(I should of caught the train)

I didn't take long. It happened again.


Line Up - Luke, Ryan, Alastair and Me

I'll some up the commute with how I felt.
Anzak Bridge ---> Nice and easy, felt great.
Lillyfield Rd ---> Drove the field a little. (Big mistake, encorage Schmycledan)
Rowers Club ---> Oh no, something's going on
Five Dock Pub ---> Almost blew a headgasket from over reving.
Canada Bay ---> Get spat out the back doing 53 klm/h. Resting HR at lights 165BPM
Golf Course ---> Explosion, It's all over, nothing left.
Concord RSL ---> I could see the boy's 200m in front of me. Legs felt like lead. Taxi
The Sprint ---> No idea, still trying to get my breath back.
The end ---> Felt like spewing. Haven't hurt that much in a long time.

With Easter approaching, Bob's come back and Homebush on hold,

Schmycledan is back, bigger and better than before.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Schmycledan is Back

The turn out was good. Luke, Ryan, Alastair, Bob, Mike (on his Pigeon) and Me. The roll over the Anzac was tame. Lucky, I needed a good warm up for what was ahead.
Alastair led the way on Lillyfield Rd. The pace just kept climbing, so was my heart rate. I saw 180BPM. at the lights. Little did I know I was to see that number another 3 times.
We regrouped at the lights. Bob and Mike rejoined. Not much was said at the lights. More time was spent licking our wounds. We all knew that was just the begining. Schmycledan was on.
Through the rowers we took it easy. At the crossing there was a small hold up. Bob saw a window of opportunity to escape. No-one followed, there was a gap, we all crossed, whilst Bob tried the alternate route. Luke saw another opportunity for schmycledan. In his drops, he drove the group to the pub, and drove my heart rate to 180. A few minutes latter Bob arrived. We still had Cannada Bay ahead of us. Ryans turn. He lead the charge. He waited for everyone to regroup, crusing around 25klm/h. Ryan must of been running his thighs at over 150psi. Once he let those babies rip, 50klm/h was on the clock, and rising. I was holding third wheel, doing atleast 53klm/h @ 180bpm, when I was startled by a gush of wind. It was Alastair on the Eddy overtaking me. That was the time I exploded. Coasted to the lights and tried to get my breath back. We still had concord to deal with.
Bob half heartedly created a little gap. It was going nowhere. A couple of peadal strokes, he was caught. The pace around the golf course was a little above average. Nothing over the top, around 45klm/h. There was Ryan and luke side by side then Al and myself. Bob and Mike where not too far behind. Half way up the climb Luke jumps. Ryan follows. Al chases and try to hold. I had nothing and saw 180 again. Ryan and Luke take the right hander before the sprint, as they come out of the corner Al takes them on the outside and heads for the line. He got it. Victory was his.
Schmycledan is back.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Haza's SOP Report

Haza's "C" Grade race,

We had a good turn out as well. Around 15 riders.
The pace was slow, the 17:50 commute Av. speed is higher.

There where a few lame attempts by others at breaking away
that only lasted around half a lap.
C grade casually went around until the whistle lap. Some 18 year old decided to
lift his heart rate for the first time in the race and tried to get away. Little did he know I ride
in the 1750, his attempt was nothing compared to trying hold Ryan's wheel around
Canada Bay.
The Bell lap came, I was still out the front. Come the last corner I was swamped by
the peleton. Out of the corner I was at the back of the pack. I got up, put my
head down and gave it all. I was able to real them in, and got 3rd. on the line.

Al's Beaui Report

hard work.

went with kor because i heard race entry was free.
got there and found out it was free for norths riders only. >:(

just under 20 riders in A grade.
some good riders in attendance including cameron peterson & phil chapman.
pace was hard from the start.

the course is a 1.6km circuit with a cone turn-around at each end and only a
mild undulation. when the smack was down we were going up the rise at 45+.
the surface is smooth-as-you-like hotmix.
3 sprint preems were on offer.

did my usual mistake of starting the race at the rear of the bunch. bad idea as you spend
most of your time recovering after bridging gaps after the cones. another mistake i was
making was entering the corners on too high a gear. pushing against a big gear out of
the corners was not doing me any favours.

moved onto the front after the 3rd lap and hotted the pace up a little.
got into a break with another guy but got chased down in 1 lap.
stayed on the front and tried again after the first preem.
got chased down again. i was marked. they didn't mind if i was out on my
own but as soon as someone tried to get over to me, everyone chased.

after the 2nd preem another breakaway formed but was kept in check.
they were caught before the 3rd preem. after the 3rd preem phil chapman
finally showed his cards and launched out of the pack with kor in tow.
they got 20m on the bunch and then cammo jumped accross so hard that
no-one could hold his wheel. i was already in the box and paying for my
earlier efforts.

they worked well together and built up a steady lead. the chase was constantly
being scuppered by scott cronly-dillon and his pointless attacks each lap. they
were never going to get caught and stayed away comfortably to the end.

cammo 1st, kor 2nd, phil 3rd.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ok-ish bike handling skills

Yes, but can she track stand as good as Ryan at the lights?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How not to bunch ride!

The future of LACC training rides.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nice photography

Some beautiful cycling related photography

Monday, February 16, 2009

Rider Profile: Matt

CLAIM TO FAME: Made a comeback before Lance! Even though he is a month younger.
RIDES: Cannondale Liquigas Team Bike
LIKES: Riding my bike
DISLIKES: How cold it is at 6am in the middle of winter
CYCLING CLUB: Parramatta

Friday, February 13, 2009

size vs definition

I like to think what I lack in size to Harry I make up for in definition

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nice Legs...Full length Photo

Thanks for the complements Luke

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nice legs!!

If you think Ryan has a decent set of quads prepare to be amazed and astounded by some of the freakish examples of muscle development posted here -

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Epic

It was another great ride. I had a few testing moments with equipment and physically. Luckily for me Alastair was there.
It was a rocky start. Anthony has having issues with his front fork and was about to pull out. He nursed his bike to my place, a few little tweaks and we headed to Luke's place. We get there to find Alastair by himself. Luke had to pull out due to family commitments.
The group now grew to three. We all headed to Dural where we meet Ryan. We then picked up Kore and headed to Berowra Waters. A few Klm's down the road Kore's water bottles where falling off. Alastair tweaked them up and away we went.
The Descend down to the ferry was great. Anthony was being cautious. The red fork wasn't doing the trick. We all spun slowly up where we meet Ben.
It got puncture, we all stopped. I changed the tube, started pumping, bang. The bead popped of the rim, I blew the tube. Replace the tube again, pumped up the tire, all was looking good, put the tyre on the bike. Bang, another tube blows. Alastair then repairs the punctured tube, puts the tyre on, and like magic no more problems. We where off again. Bobbin head was our next destination.
The descend down to bobbin started, Kore, Ryan, Alastair and Ben hammered down. Anthony and I took it easy. At the bottom we regrouped and climbed to the top.
I was still feeling really good at this stage. Akuna bay was now on the cards. I started feeling hungry on Mona Vale Rd. I ate a power bar, but it wasn't enough. I hit the wall climbing out. I had no energy and my legs felt like lead. Alastair then helped me up the climb by giving me a push. At the top I had another power bar and alot of powerade. I slowly came back to life.
We then went to Turramurra for a coffe and headed home.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yesterdays antics on 'Cycledan' + tonight's Shenanigan's = Schmycledan

Important announcement

Just so that it is forever recorded in the 1750 archive:
Luke beat Ryan in the Concord sprint yesterday.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rob's stats from wisemans

Most of the 150-159 stuff was done after the servo. Once Mike had hit the wall ;)

Wisemans Ferry Loop

Al, Rob, Mike, Kore and Haza present for Sundays epic.

From Door step to Door step, 6hrs 10min. and 160 klm's.

We did it. It has to rate as one of the best rides I have done.
It was very pleasant. The hardest part of the ride was getting started after a pit stop.
There where a few nice descends, a couple of little climbs and a few nasty pinches.
Kore wanted a E1 training ride. So we had to put him out front as his heart rate was too low riding second wheel. From that point, about 20-30k's in, Kore and Al lead the bunch.
First stop was at Wisemans Ferry. We all had something to eat refilled our bottles.
It was hard to do more than 25Klm/h. The back drop of the Hawksbury was awesome.
Kore left us around Maraylya, he had to be home by 11.
We then stopped at a servo in Maraylya for a refill. That was at the 100k mark. Finding the sevrvo was interesting. It was the blind leading the blind.
We took of again. There was a small rise immediately after the srevo. My legs felt like crap. I few k's on and they came good.
With about 40klm's to go Mike hit the wall. The rollers around Castle hill where mountains.
I got home and smashed down a 4 egg omlet, washed that down with some powerade, followed up with a 30min siesta on the couch. Felt really good and was buzzing for the rest of the day.
Can't wait to do that one again.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday's Ride Report

See picture for results

With the sprint line approaching, and no one up for the job of "working-hard-to-lead-everyone-else-out", it fell to Bob, who was first to lose his cool and make the charge for the line. Ryan and Luke followed with predicable results. They were both unable to get around (due to extreme speed, girth or both) and Bob took the win.

Stay tuned for next week's sprint series titled: "Lets not leave this one so late"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Al's 1st Post

Well, seeing as there has not been any pointless ramblings on the blog for a while, I think it's a good opportunity to put my tuppeny-worth in for the first time.

After the christmas break and many weeks of sporadic cycling activity, my legs have been a little off the boil of late. This was the first week I have been able to test my legs at the SOP for a while and I was a little concerned about the amount of suffering I would have to endure. Tuesday turned out to be a not-so-bad session for me. I had to rein in the instinct to always be in the mix and at the same time rein in bob who always has the spirit and the legs but not the engine. I came out of the five laps feeling happy with the way the legs went and but also happy for bob who for once was there for the sprint at the end.

Wednesday was a normal commute without training as I was farewelling the folks to NZ. Thursday down at the SOP turned out to be a really fun session. Scotty went in one of the slower groups as he was nursing post-dawnie-leg-syndrome. Eastie rolled out in first group with over a dozen others. Once again quite a few new faces in the bunch. The usual brisk 1st lap was on the menu followed by a hard grind up the blvd sprint. I saw Eastie move up on the left over the rise and  grabbed his wheel followed closely by Albert. Eastie set a pace of over 50kph down the blvd and kept his foot on the gas for the next half a lap. A gap had opened up behind the 3 of us of about 25m with the bunch turning themselves inside-out to get back in contact. Eastie had other ideas though. He never looked back or even flicked his elbow for some relief. It was head down and grind the bunch into a slow death. The 2nd lap ascent of the flack was all Mr East at 45kph. He didn't swing off until near the top where Albert and I were allowed to take up some of the pressure. On the 3rd lap Mel and Jack bridged with the aid of a truck but the pace was so intense it was even a struggle sitting on. Jack and Mel were duly unhitched a lap later. The elastic snapped spectacularly on the 4th lap with the gap to the bunch over 200m and finally Eastie showing signs of fatigue. Albert and I were now able to contribute and my legs were starting to feel no-too-bad. The sprint was not contested on the last lap. It would have been quite unappreciative after being motor-paced like that for 35mins.

On the 1750 front it was good to get back into the swing of things this week. There was also an unexpected return of schmycledan shenanigans on Thursday evening. I have to mention Bob's karma is not looking too good of late. 2 attacks and 2 punctures! The puncture on Thursday called for some premeditated action in the form of operation "put bob in his place" (one of the favorite 1750 sports). It's always a dead give-away when the banter stops for 5mins that someone has is brewing a big pot of schmycledan. Lucky for me the tail wind up the col d'concord was all I needed to pour a cup and make good my escape. Ryan hit bob with a sit-down sprint and registered some serious torque.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


With Ryan replying 'OUT!', base Klm's where not on the cards.
It was a good turn out. Bob, Al, Anthony, Harry, Andrew, Paul, and Tom made a guest appearance.
On the Anzac everyone took it easy. As the pace was picking up on Lilly Field Rd, Bob gets a flat. Anthony turned it up around Five Dock, (Ryan would of been proud). Concord RSL was now approaching. In true Andrew style, he takes off hard early on. Bob and I were boxed in. At the top of the hill Bob took the road. He was off. I got up and chased. He won the sprint and went through the round about first. I followed a couple of bike lengths behind. Then came Andrew, over cooked it and slid through on his arse.
Al and Tom both claim a sprint wasn't on their cards. The truth is, they had nothing.

1750 Stacks tally

Harry - Anzac Bridge Over Pass, Eastern Side
Luke - Anzac Bridge Over Pass, Western Side
Luke - Round About @ Meadow Bank Station
Andrew - Round About Concord Hospital

Monday, January 5, 2009