Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome back Al of old

Some have commented but I think it has been clear to all that we are experiencing some what of a renaissance of classic Davis. To summarise, this includes efforts at every opportunity and some pretty competitive moves coming through the crucial sections of the ride home.

I have to put it down to the current lack of Homebush sessions and Al's absence from the Wednesday dawnie.

Thursday was hotly contested, Al was driving the pace through Concord and round the golf course. I decided I couldn't just leave it to the sprint and attacked up the hill which gave the me the chance to get away and cross the line in front despite nearling going over a bonnet (not really that bad).

Al continued the pace with a solid ride up Chatam. I saw 31, 32 flick up on my computer so we were moving. Matt popped near the top, Al kept driving.

It's certainly making the commute more interesting not to have everyone trying to save their legs.

I am looking forward to the return of Ryan. With a promotion at work he may have to cut back on the training which will mean that the 1750 will be even more hotly contested.

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