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@ mine @ 3pm.

BYO beer n Meat. I'll supply the rest.

Vein envy

Friday, December 26, 2008

Madeline Olive

Introducing the next generation of the 1750.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Coluzzi Ride

Ride was really good. left mine at 6:35, easy roll to Concord with Ryan and Al to pick up Scotty and a "Spastic strong" guy called rob. (Scottie's words)

Into town via a very quiet parra road. coffee at Coluzzi then roll out at 8am. heaps of riders, i overhead lots of people saying it was the biggest they'd seen in years. and it looked like about 40% of them were from LACC training rides! all of the Moretti guys were there.

Fairly easy pace the whole way, about 35-50kph, but you get sucked along and you don't really notice it. hardly stopped at all, most of the time we just rolled through red lights and thanked the drivers for waiting. Al peeled off every now and then with the pros for little detours. he had a great time. Did get a bit messy towards the airport with other riders we'd passed trying to hang on. i wasn't anywhere near the front for the sprint, the line of riders stretched out to about 100m long. 

We waited around for a few people who got punctures to re-join then rolled around down under the Taren point bridge and back into town on the freeway. I got told off for riding 3 abreast at one stage, now i know the correct Colluzzi Etiquette. Most riders turn off at various points and the group was down to 30 or so by the time we got into the city. We broke off from the bunch and headed through Redfern, Norton St and into Fivedock for a coffee (and i finally got my gelato, it was a bit to hot for a long black at that stage). Back at home at 11:02 (i'd told Emily 11), i was a bit exhausted at that stage, no breakfast and nothing but water on the ride.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby Bonus

Qualification Information

1. Who can get Baby Bonus?
Anyone silly enough to do the "deed" and actually follow through full term is entitled to the baby bonus.
2. What residence requirements does Baby Bonus have?
You must be an Austalian resident and member of the 1750 Sports commute.

Claim Information  

1. How do I claim Baby Bonus?
The baby bonus can be claimed at any time in the last week before birth on a Tuesday or Thursday. Special consideration may be made for cases that cannot be claimed on the normal day. Working hours are from 1750 - 1920 Tues and Thur.
2. How do I find out the outcome of my claim?
The outcome of the claim can be checked at Concord Hospital round about by poking or mere sensing the lactic acid built up in the legs. If consistent pain has been felt on the lead up to the Concord Hospital round about then payment may have already been made.

Payment Information

1. How much Baby Bonus do I get?
As much as you can handle.
2. Is there an income/assets test?
Yes. All eligible people must be:
a.       Cyclists
b.      Members of the 1750 Sports Commute
c        Australian Residents
d.       Willing to suffer
e.       Willing to chase and hold wheels
f.       Willing to take occasional bribes
g.       Willing to form alliances when required with other sufferies.
3. When are payments adjusted?
Payments are adjusted on the fly depending on the suffering being delivered and the responses to changes in pace. 

Current Customer Information

1. Do I still get Baby Bonus if I leave Australia?
No. Once you leave Australia you should refer to the Centre Link Guide on how to make claims on new bonus systems.
2. Does Baby Bonus get reviewed?
Yes. The baby bonus is reviewed on a applicant basis. The appropriate payment will be levied on application.
3. What should I do if my circumstances change?
If the outcome looks grim you should write to:

Centre Link Baby Bonus, Locked Bag 555, NSW 555.
If the outcome is favourable then the levy should be raised.


More Information

1. Can I appeal if I disagree with a decision made?
Yes appeals on unfavourable decisions will be heard if:
a.       The wind noise is low enough to make conversation possible
b.      The levy is slow enought to make conversation possible
c        You are close enought to make conversation possible
2. What other payments and concessions might I get?
If you are fortunate you may get a puncture for your efforts.
3. What services and programs can I use?
You may use any 2 wheeled, non reclining, pedal power service available.
4. Can I get a factsheet about this payment?
Yes. Every afternoon a role call will be made and tenders will be heard.
5. How do I find out more about Baby Bonus?
What all of that wasn't enough? In fact I'm surprised you read this far.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sundays SOP CRIT - The 1750 Triumph

B Grade - 1st Place - Anthony

B Grade - 2nd Place - Robert

C Grade - 1st Place - Harry

Sunday 14-12-2008

8:00am C, D, & E Grade's 9:00 am A & B Grades

Strong westerly blowing. (Coming up the straight was hard work)

"C" Grade
In normal Haza style, I spent alot of time out the front. The last 3 laps I held back. Half way up the straight I gave it full gas. I was nearly caught on the line. First place was mine.

"B" Grade (Combined with "A")
First Lap, Rob had a 50m lead (where was he going??). For the rest of the race Anthony attacked and attacked. With a couple of laps remaining Anthony got away. Rob followed up, convincingly out sprinting the rest of them.

( 17:50 "A" Grade Riders not present )

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hands up if you missed me.

We used Trek S500s to get around. They use that Shimano Nexus internal hub gearing system, it's actually really good.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


v. blas·phemed, blas·phem·ing, blas·phemes
1. To speak of (God or a sacred entity) in an irreverent, impious manner.
2. To revile; execrate.
3. To leave fellow worshipers for an "early getaway".
4. Harry Papadimitriou.
To speak blasphemy.

[Middle English blasfemen, from Old French blasfemer, from Late Latin blasphemare, from Greek blasphemein, from blasphemos, evil-speaking, blasphemous; see bha-2 in Indo-European roots.]

blas·phemer -n.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008