Monday, December 15, 2008

Sundays SOP CRIT - The 1750 Triumph

B Grade - 1st Place - Anthony

B Grade - 2nd Place - Robert

C Grade - 1st Place - Harry

Sunday 14-12-2008

8:00am C, D, & E Grade's 9:00 am A & B Grades

Strong westerly blowing. (Coming up the straight was hard work)

"C" Grade
In normal Haza style, I spent alot of time out the front. The last 3 laps I held back. Half way up the straight I gave it full gas. I was nearly caught on the line. First place was mine.

"B" Grade (Combined with "A")
First Lap, Rob had a 50m lead (where was he going??). For the rest of the race Anthony attacked and attacked. With a couple of laps remaining Anthony got away. Rob followed up, convincingly out sprinting the rest of them.

( 17:50 "A" Grade Riders not present )

1 comment:

BOB said...

I was off at the start getting warmed up. Straight from traffic control so I was very cold.

Harry, get some LACC kit, you look a mess.