Monday, December 22, 2008

Coluzzi Ride

Ride was really good. left mine at 6:35, easy roll to Concord with Ryan and Al to pick up Scotty and a "Spastic strong" guy called rob. (Scottie's words)

Into town via a very quiet parra road. coffee at Coluzzi then roll out at 8am. heaps of riders, i overhead lots of people saying it was the biggest they'd seen in years. and it looked like about 40% of them were from LACC training rides! all of the Moretti guys were there.

Fairly easy pace the whole way, about 35-50kph, but you get sucked along and you don't really notice it. hardly stopped at all, most of the time we just rolled through red lights and thanked the drivers for waiting. Al peeled off every now and then with the pros for little detours. he had a great time. Did get a bit messy towards the airport with other riders we'd passed trying to hang on. i wasn't anywhere near the front for the sprint, the line of riders stretched out to about 100m long. 

We waited around for a few people who got punctures to re-join then rolled around down under the Taren point bridge and back into town on the freeway. I got told off for riding 3 abreast at one stage, now i know the correct Colluzzi Etiquette. Most riders turn off at various points and the group was down to 30 or so by the time we got into the city. We broke off from the bunch and headed through Redfern, Norton St and into Fivedock for a coffee (and i finally got my gelato, it was a bit to hot for a long black at that stage). Back at home at 11:02 (i'd told Emily 11), i was a bit exhausted at that stage, no breakfast and nothing but water on the ride.

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