Monday, July 20, 2009

Rob's first A grade - REPORT

Good racing?!!? I was bleeding out of my eyeballs. It was on from the gun, attack, attack, attack (even i had a go at it) until a 5 man break went clear at about 30min into it. Scotty didn't make the break and drove very hard to get back on, main field was reduced to about 8. Anthony was there, he's getting stronger and sporting a nice pair of deep dish carbon wheels. He did quite a few turns and I did a few myself. Nearly made the mistake of going too hard and not leaving enough to jump back in the train.

The break shelled 2 of them near the end, I managed to get 5th place with second in the bunch sprint. I thought I had it with a pathetic, but all that i could manage, 53kmph sprint. Albert flew past me at about 65kph with 10m to go.

What did i learn. Even in A grade some people can't corner properly. Maintain a good position so you don't have to brake in the corners and waste energy getting up to speed. I am cornering rather well with this new (to me) pushing the front wheel out by keeping your inside arm extended.

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