Friday, March 27, 2009

Again....(I should of caught the train)

I didn't take long. It happened again.


Line Up - Luke, Ryan, Alastair and Me

I'll some up the commute with how I felt.
Anzak Bridge ---> Nice and easy, felt great.
Lillyfield Rd ---> Drove the field a little. (Big mistake, encorage Schmycledan)
Rowers Club ---> Oh no, something's going on
Five Dock Pub ---> Almost blew a headgasket from over reving.
Canada Bay ---> Get spat out the back doing 53 klm/h. Resting HR at lights 165BPM
Golf Course ---> Explosion, It's all over, nothing left.
Concord RSL ---> I could see the boy's 200m in front of me. Legs felt like lead. Taxi
The Sprint ---> No idea, still trying to get my breath back.
The end ---> Felt like spewing. Haven't hurt that much in a long time.

With Easter approaching, Bob's come back and Homebush on hold,

Schmycledan is back, bigger and better than before.

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