Monday, March 16, 2009

Haza's SOP Report

Haza's "C" Grade race,

We had a good turn out as well. Around 15 riders.
The pace was slow, the 17:50 commute Av. speed is higher.

There where a few lame attempts by others at breaking away
that only lasted around half a lap.
C grade casually went around until the whistle lap. Some 18 year old decided to
lift his heart rate for the first time in the race and tried to get away. Little did he know I ride
in the 1750, his attempt was nothing compared to trying hold Ryan's wheel around
Canada Bay.
The Bell lap came, I was still out the front. Come the last corner I was swamped by
the peleton. Out of the corner I was at the back of the pack. I got up, put my
head down and gave it all. I was able to real them in, and got 3rd. on the line.

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