Sunday, November 15, 2009

Haza Wins B Grade

It had been a long time since my last race. Hitting the deck late in July haddn't helped. Saturday came, and I was ready for another attempt at B grade.
This was to be my second B grade race, I was nervous. We all rolled to the start line. A grade took off, then it was B grades turn. Mike and I where at the front. First lap, Second Lap, Thrid Lap, Mike and I still out the front. The laps started ticking over. There where a few attacks, nothing to worry about though.
We got the call, "Three laps to go". I knew, now is the time to start sucking wheels. The whistle then blew. Two laps to go. I still remained on third wheel. Some guy tried to take off, I jumped on his wheel and just stayed there. I knew I couldn't let the pelton swamp me. As he blew up Mike came around. Now it was the Bell lap. I knew I had to leave Mike out there. Just before the last corner, "click", up one gear. Take the corner, in the drops, Full gas. I gave it all, the line was getting closer, I was getting faster. I couldn't hear anyone around. I still had something in the tank and just kept going through the gears. Crossed the line alone. Victory was mine.


Michael said...

Yay...for once a crit that is not won by a snoozer! Let's count our snoozer scalps this summer eh?

Anonymous said...

go hard haz

BOB said...

nice one haz