Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wisemans Ferry Loop


Al, Rob, Mike, Kore and Haza present for Sundays epic.

From Door step to Door step, 6hrs 10min. and 160 klm's.

We did it. It has to rate as one of the best rides I have done.
It was very pleasant. The hardest part of the ride was getting started after a pit stop.
There where a few nice descends, a couple of little climbs and a few nasty pinches.
Kore wanted a E1 training ride. So we had to put him out front as his heart rate was too low riding second wheel. From that point, about 20-30k's in, Kore and Al lead the bunch.
First stop was at Wisemans Ferry. We all had something to eat refilled our bottles.
It was hard to do more than 25Klm/h. The back drop of the Hawksbury was awesome.
Kore left us around Maraylya, he had to be home by 11.
We then stopped at a servo in Maraylya for a refill. That was at the 100k mark. Finding the sevrvo was interesting. It was the blind leading the blind.
We took of again. There was a small rise immediately after the srevo. My legs felt like crap. I few k's on and they came good.
With about 40klm's to go Mike hit the wall. The rollers around Castle hill where mountains.
I got home and smashed down a 4 egg omlet, washed that down with some powerade, followed up with a 30min siesta on the couch. Felt really good and was buzzing for the rest of the day.
Can't wait to do that one again.

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