Wednesday, January 14, 2009


With Ryan replying 'OUT!', base Klm's where not on the cards.
It was a good turn out. Bob, Al, Anthony, Harry, Andrew, Paul, and Tom made a guest appearance.
On the Anzac everyone took it easy. As the pace was picking up on Lilly Field Rd, Bob gets a flat. Anthony turned it up around Five Dock, (Ryan would of been proud). Concord RSL was now approaching. In true Andrew style, he takes off hard early on. Bob and I were boxed in. At the top of the hill Bob took the road. He was off. I got up and chased. He won the sprint and went through the round about first. I followed a couple of bike lengths behind. Then came Andrew, over cooked it and slid through on his arse.
Al and Tom both claim a sprint wasn't on their cards. The truth is, they had nothing.

1750 Stacks tally

Harry - Anzac Bridge Over Pass, Eastern Side
Luke - Anzac Bridge Over Pass, Western Side
Luke - Round About @ Meadow Bank Station
Andrew - Round About Concord Hospital

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