Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Holy Day of Cycledan

I didn't mean to but apparently I committed (read:- commuted) a cardinal sin this morning.

I didn't fast on the holy day of Cycledan.

What is Cycledan: Cycledan is the holy day of the week, Wednesday, on which all cyclists, unless doing Dawn Patrol, fast from all lactic acid build up. It has been implemented so that we can feast on lactic acid with glee on a Thursday morning.

In my defense, and to win back the spurned hearts of the riders finding the tempo too high, I was merely trying to maintain the reputation of the '1750.
The ride from the coffee stop had indeed been in keeping with the Cycledan ethos. However that had lead to a particularly dangerous situation where non `1750 riders had the chance to out 'commuter race' our brave little '1750 peloton over the Col de ANZAC. So with a little effort and a little lactic acid we tempo'd over the Col and descended the spiral. This is where I learnt of my sins, and happily that there were no more commuter limpets left.

Hmmm What will we do tonight........


Robert Southerton said...

Those limpets and on flat bars no less!

Michael said...

Think it's time to get you a fixie, boys...that would be an apt penance for breaching cycledan;)