Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Alastair's Homebush Report

shall i?

1st group and 2nd combined again. first 3 laps were far too soft. partly because the group was too big and some people were slacking on edwin flack. speed was occasionally down to 35km/h. very frustrating! put the hammer down towards the end of the 4th lap. that's about when we lost bob. tried twice to split the bunch - once up the sprint and then up the short rise to start edwin flack. got gaps both times and took a few riders with but the group managed somehow to claw their way back. pulvirenti got into a spot of bother on the last grind up edwin flack. welcome to the big boys anthony! i'm sure he was working harder than any of his c grade wins. ryan and mel duked it out on the sprint. my legs were toast! i was on the white eddy today and it certainly gives me a good workout. don't know what it is but it feels like i'm pushing a 55 tooth on that bike!

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