Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HB Report

T’was a good sized A group this morning so I decided to get things off to a good start by attaching from the first corner. Not too hard but it was fun making Mark work for longer than he preferred to get the second pace line back up the front so he could roll off. There was some good pace making for the most of it though on lap three as I rested a little for the last two laps (planning my strike) I noticed the pace lifting off again so some more light digs were issued.


Roll on lap four and up Edwin Flack as I rolled out my plan, I noticed that instead of putting a long hard effort in to hurt people, I have Luke there ready to take another turn. So I did the best for him and rolled off so as not to deprive him of the lactic goodness that could be found on the front of the group.


At the end of lap four I had an offer I couldn’t refuse. Luke was willing to perform the lead out duties on the final lap. So we organised a little. My original plan had him attacking at the bottom of Edwin Flack so as to break the group up but the red light put paid to that. So it was the more routine lead out for the coffee creds I was after.


Just after the top of Edwin Flack I saw Alistair going by at light speed and a with quick response from Scotty there was a real requirement for an earlier than intended call up for Luke. Luke slaved like a dog to get on terms with Scotty. Al meanwhile had opened up about a 20m advantage over Scotty so it was time for the “Warp Speed” from Luke. With all the work trying to bring back Scotty, Luke was spent so I decided the attack was on.


A big effort saw the gap to Alastair disappear like a block of chocolate in fat mans hands. I timed the catch to perfection right at the mid part of the corner. Unfortunately at the speed I was going there was significant front wheel chatter and instability which was cause for concern and the chain dropped to the small ring. The sprint up the hill was done spinning like crazy. Luckily Al was pretty wrecked after his huge effort.


Coffee creds to Ryan.


Bring on tonight. For those of you who are concerned. All blame should be directed to the Bob Southerton complaints line. This is due to a communication failure from Bob and the subsequent pavlova demolition which requires working off.

Operators are standing by.


That is all.

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