Thursday, September 4, 2008

No Racing on Saturday

Ryan was the first to mention it but the rumour is confirmed by the LACC website. The crit on Saturday has been cancelled. So that leaves me looking for options. Is anyone going to race? Apparently there is racing at Oakville and Lansdowne but then again perhaps some gentle kms on Saturday morning is the best solution. Anyone keen for a roll? I would need to be back by 10am.


Ryan said...

I'm up for the gorges if anyone else is. Not really up for a smashing right now. I'm enjoying not having to look forward to the pain. I know that's piss weak but its helping get my head back together.

Not sure we will get an easy ride response from Al.

Luko said...

Easy gorges - a good option :-)

Ryan said...

Cool. What time and where? You're place?

glorya said...

How about 6:00 if you want to meet at Epping or I could meet you up at the cnr of Beecroft and Carlingford rd if that is a bit less out of the way for you.

Who else is in? come on slackers!