Thursday, September 18, 2008

It was a tired affair

Well after Tuesday’s effort and not enough sleep last night (got home from work at 9). I was more content to have some fun, so for me it was group 2. I tried to gee Scott up for a lead out from me on lap 5 and send him up the road but he said he was too tired. So we got going at a very sedentary pace. The pace was not tough so I used it as a spin training session with an average cadence of about 105.

On lap 4 I checked with Scotty, again and he said that he was still feeling pretty tired so I started looking for volunteers. Mel was the taker (you would have loved it luke). So With some brief instruction on how best to operate the 'Ryan lead out train' Mel settled in behind. Going up Edwin Flack some chick, I have no idea who it is, chopped in on Mel so when she swung over I pulled another quick turn to get in front of Mel. Under the bridge we again sorted ourselves out and Mel called for a long lead from there, 3/4 power, just enough to get off the front. After cresting the small rise from that Bridge corner Mel called for the full gas. It went on as ordered and stayed on. Mel was having trouble and as we rounded the last corner I swung off in a suffering mess. Where was Mel? Popped! He had nothing left and Albert got the sprint for the coffee’s. Scott hung on behind Mel but also had nothing left to give on rolled over the line. I was after that.......................... tired. That is all.

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