Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Southerton Memorial Smash

With Bob going into hospital and absent from the 1750 for a week or two, it was broadcast loud and clear that Tuesday night would be a bit of a send off.

It started early with the efforts coming thick and fast. Bob was gutsy, and showed great composure, clearly subscribing to the notion that the best defense is good offense. Ryan wound it up round Canada bay and the elastic snapped but we quickly regrouped through the lights. The trip through Concord was ridden with anxious anticipation. Like the first two laps of a track sprint, everyone waiting for the moves. Ryan launched up the hill and the usual sprint to the hospital ensued. Bob had hung on.

We all thought that was to be it. But in a surprise show of commitment and a willingness to suffer, Bob and Harry continued the procession up Chatam rd and through to Epping. Whether this was a calculated risk I am not sure or perhaps Bob had had prior words with Al. Heading up the hill obviously left Bob very open to further attacks. Fortunately the lactic had been high and we all rode tempo to Epping.

It was a nice ride all said and done. All the best for the op Bob. And stay tuned for the welcome back!


Ryan said...

Nice report Luko.

There was no mention of the yellow card infringement last night!?

Good luck Bob. We look forward to breaking in that new intake system.

Luko said...

Bob is expecting a 20% increase in power and endurance simply by having 2 nostrils available from here on.