Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Homebush report

An overcast and blustery morning saw a less than spectacular turnout. It wasn't looking good when Group 1 was called and only a few of the usuals rolled out. No particularly strong legs, I knew I was in for trouble but for some reason I chose to join them anyway.

It was tough going, only 2 or 3 of us were willing to do more than a turn a lap. And after about a lap I was thinking that there was no point toasting myself as Group 2 would be rolling by soon.

That happened up Edwin Flack lap 3. It was a bit of a relief despite the shame of it, but anyway no time to worry about those sort of issues. Pace was good.

It was pretty normal going without any real attacks. Alastair and Easty were looking a bit devious bus Scott was having none of it.

Up Flack for the last time Alastair was looking twitchy. I was expecting the usual inside run and found myself on his wheel. We came fast round the bottom corner and Scotty attacked. Al saw me hovering on his wheel and passed on his displeasure - I believe I heard the word "dirty dog" in there somewhere. That was enough, with the insult ringing in my ears I jumped to chase Scotty. I caught him just before the last corner, rounded the corner fairly untidily and sprinted in the 53x13.

Scotty didn't contest and I didn't have anyone too close to me so I was happy to claim the cafe cred. Shame I didn't go to the cafe afterward.

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