Thursday, October 9, 2008

Al's Thuesday HB Report

had a good workout today. back is feeling better with every day. wrist still looks like a bee stung it. 

went out with group 1 after the too comfortable group 2 on tuesday. legs were very willing today. gijs was in attendance as well as a few other new faces. pace was medium-fast with scotty slacking in 2nd group. joanna was getting dropped every lap. i felt good enough to sprint every lap and holding a 50m gap to the start of edwin flack. keeps things interesting. on the final sprint i started from the back and had a dice with ivo. i was pulling him back but not fast enough. he squeaked over the line ahead of me. avg spd 38km/h, avg hr 179 (spent quite a bit of time on my own), max hr 190. 

bob turned up at the coffee on the mad-one. he had the audacity to attack with fresh legs over anzac (out of the saddle all the way).

Southerton's reply:
When I got over the top of the Col-de-ANZAC and no one came through I knew straight away that tonight could be painful....

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