Monday, October 27, 2008

News just in - Bob drops Ryan up Bobbin Head!

He may be known for the largest Quads in the Southern Hemisphere but they were no use for the current Masters 1 National Champion on Saturday morning. The drama unfolded midway up the climb. Bob has obviously been working on his alpine ascents. Spurred on by a fresh Harry and a eager newbie Andrew, Bob delivered one of his standout efforts to leave Ryan languishing.

Time will tell how the punishment will be returned. Viva le Schmycledan!


BOB said...

Ignoring for the fact that Ryan had track the evening prior, and had pasted me on the two climbs before. I am clearly much better than him.

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

Yeah. I heard this rushing sound then saw a blur as what I thought was Alberto Contador going smashing by. It was only latter I realised that it was Bob. I chased for about 40m but it was too late. Gee he can climb. Not sure where he found those legs.