Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bob's HB Report

Group 2 for me, along with all the usual Group 1 riders (Luke excepted). Pace was too much on lap 2 after the Group 1 riders decided to go Group 1 after all. 60% of the group fell off, might have been a different story for me if I’d been closer to the front but I was in no mood to close those gaps from the rear. Legs felt good, but a little drained after the weekend shenanigans

Rode in the groupetto at what was still a pace right on my limit. Andrew made me suffer twice with his “super turns”, But it was good to see him off the back on the last flack, very good in-fact. Had enough for a solid sprint, didn’t look back to see if anyone else contested, I was sprinting for myself.

Tonight I think it’ll be a gear overhaul. I seem to have left them all at the coffee shop, I couldn’t find any on the way into work. :/

Cycledan tonight, Schmycledan if Andrew shows!

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BOB said...

Gear issues resolved. Cable inner worn. replaced and humming again. Also replaced the outer between the downtube and shifter for good measure.