Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday's schmycledan

With the usual Protagonists missing and Scotty making a guest star appearance it was never going to be the punishment that Al was calling for after the Col attack this morning. Gentle roll out dodging the general chaos that is Pyrmont till the ANZAC switchbacks. A repeat of this morning's attack after the last hairpin put a struggling Anthony straight into hurtis-boxis-maxis and managed to surprise Scotty enough to get past without him grabbing the wheel. A valiant effort from Harry meant that we all re-grouped on the pedestrian bridge.

Anthony, clearly not recovering well from the morning, blunted any further attacks until concord where the pace steadily rose on the hill past the shops. A Gentle 90% effort along the flat to the roundabout had Andrew isolated and the field down to two contenders for the hospital sprint. Harry took the lead heading into the final hill and had my box gift wrapped and almost sealed.

Was this to be Harry's day?

Oh so close. In preparing my box he neglected to notice the large amounts of lactic acid creeping up his legs, into his eyes and dribbling out his nose, just running out of puff as we went over the hill. Not quite managing to shake his group 2 nemisis and letting himself get dogged for the sprint.

We'd have done Chatham, but with no Al or Luke to show us the way we were fearful of getting lost or something. So we gave it a miss.

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