Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pavlova Report

Mmm. Pavlova is a great desert for a BBQ. And I must say that Bob puts on a great BBQ. However for the uninitiated of you, if Bob ever asks whether you would like some more, say no. Even a small piece in Bob’s eyes constitutes the last quarter! Too much for me. Normally.

Bobs greatest mistake was putting a challenge in my desert bowl. I just have to finish it. And it goes like this………

Opening salvo, 45kph over ANZAC bridge courtesy of the Schmycldan Grand High Priest Davis. Considerably reckless but none the less indicative of the night to come and an effective tenderiser. Effective in the fact that it shattered the already nervous group so badly that there was no point using Lilyfield Road as a softening device. And so it went.

Harry scored a new PB over the bridge with 189. A sign that he was going to be finding it tough during the course of the ride.

My planned attack also didn’t eventuate due to some slack riding around the Rowing shed from those behind and some over zealous riding from Anthony ‘C Grade Champion’ Pulvirenti on the front. Anthony was up for a big one and rode some nice tempo through a couple of phases, including taking bit between the teeth around Canada Bay. My normal stomping ground. So by the time we got to Concord shops there were some tired legs.

Alastair opened the throttle to about 80% up Majors bay road and we went flying around the golf course and tacked onto a tow behind a ute. Luke got dropped early which was probably a sign of the effort required to be on pace last night. That was sweet for me as it wasn’t hurting too bad behind the ute, but as I got set to have a go up the final hill Alastair had another big dig. 2 extra gears higher were needed but the attack was not enough to drop me. As we went over the top a counter attack was on my mind but I realised that Al was pretty much done. All fast twitch fibres spent, there was no need so I dog him in the sprint. It was a half arse effort as there was no real glory in that one as Al had done all the hard yards trying to drop me.

Chatham road was next on the menu. And Al once again provided and awesome bit of tempo work. Luke must have been relieved to be holding onto that one. But I think vengeance for the sprint was on Al’s mind. So I dogged him again over the top of Chatham Road. LOL. That last sprint over the top hurt a little. ;)

All in all though I think Al gets the points last night. Huge efforts and a really fun ride!

Bob. I hope you learnt your lesson. That is all.
P.S. Lets have another BBQ. Yeah!

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BOB said...

I dunno if it's lesson learned and I still don't think it was a totally bad idea.

The only other option was: I eat the pav, Alistair sees me eating a lot of pav, I get smashed so I learn my lesson.