Friday, October 17, 2008

Thursday's HB Report

HB report - Todays word of the day, "toast"

Only myself and Rob present this morning. Group 2. Al was still recovering for his threshold weed removal training. Ryan was MIA. Luke was driving

It started as a very large group. First lap felt slow, Second was the same. Third lap Southerton attacked. He took of leaving large ruts from his aggressive attack just after the pool. Pavers where flying. Once the dust settled he was gone with some other guys chasing. Robs butt was bouncing about 25m in front of me, the rest of group 2, swarming behind me. I tried to reel in the attack, in no mans land, with no help. At the bottom of Edwin Flak I hit a new PB, I was toasted. Group 2 caught me, didn't even try to get on, my legs where having nothing of it. By the time I got the Aquatic Centre, there was Rob. Group 2 got the better of him as well. Caught up to him, we both cut the corner at the station and rejoined. In the distance there was a glimpse of Group 1. Rob was out of the saddle again, trying to chase them down. On Edwin Flack I could smell was burnt toast, it was Rob. I stayed with Group 2. We passed Rob, and 25m in front of us was group 1. We all hit the gas and caught them at the top of Edwin Flack. By the time we got to the Aquatic Centre I was toasted again. Rolled over the line at about 30 km/h.
Stats for the session.

MAX HR 191 (PB) AV. HR: 166. MAX Speed 51 km/h, Av. Speed 38.5 kn/h

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