Tuesday, November 25, 2008

HB - Group 2 - Haza's Stat's

Lap 1 - Av.HR.156 Max:181 Av. Speed: 40.5
Lap 2 - Av.HR.174 Max:180 Av. Speed: 42.1
Lap 3 - Av.HR.175 Max:185 Av. Speed: 41.5
Lap 4 - TOAST (start of Edwin Flack)

Lap 1 - Felt really good.
Lap 2 - Group was rolling around nicely
Lap 3 - Ryan turned it up around the station. Single line formed. It was the begining of the end. Approaching Edwin Flack. Still single line. Got in the left and gave it a go. Got to the front, legs said no more. Hit the eject button and headed for the gutter. Game over.

Joined Group 2.2 for the final lap.

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Ryan said...

Interesting to see the fatigue there. Notice that on the third lap the pace avg was lower but the avg HR was higher. Hope your logging all this to track the gains made during the 1750 epics.