Monday, November 3, 2008

1-Nov Race report

Fairly good turn out from the 1750 members, with Andrew taking the plunge and joining the club. Al was looking the business with his new Carbon rims and matt black Cannondale (see below).

Harry and Andrew rolled out with C grade and kept out of trouble, with Harry on the front every time the C train rolled by (except for the final time).

I rolled out in my first ever B-grade. Pace was ok-ish with the odd "break and reel in" every few laps. Nothing overly strenuous and much easier than my usual C-grade antics. This kept us in-touch with A-grade who were having an even slower ride. I made a couple of half hearted attempts at a breaking away solo and waiting for someone to hop across, but with a smallish field of 10 or so riders none of the 2 or more breaks were allowed to go anywhere. By 35 minutes I think everyone had pretty much given up on the idea of a break and the pace slowed considerably, rolled around with the HR sitting on a very comfortable 135 as A-grade passed us.

Whistle went for 2 laps to go and brought a few small accelerations but nothing serious enough to justify getting out of the saddle. My HR was sitting on about 150 as the Bell brought the final lap. Slow acceleration towards the the last sharp corner and I was in about 7th wheel. Bunch moved to the right on the bend before the straight and I pulled to the left to start my sprint, solo. Pulled ahead with about 70m to go and couldn't hear anything behind me. I was too scared to turn around so I kept the pace high till the line and managed to stave off any other contenders for 1st place. New HR record of 188bpm

A grade and Luke also did well in 3rd, just piped at the line by about half a wheel for 1st place in a fast and furious bunch sprint.

get any that you want, they'll only be there for a few days apparently.

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